Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A lunch. A Hot Choc. Plenty of chat.

Was quite a kick today to finally catch up with one of my excolleague after all these years. For some reason, we never got to meet since I returned to HK. We had talked a couple of times the initial year I was back but somehow events resulted in our meet up never to materialise.

Today was a rare treat to see a familiar face, an old fren, my confidante again. There are friends, and there are Friends. She is the latter whom I will keep close to my heart no matter if we do not meet up often. Well, at least we promise to meet again next week. ha!

It didnt feel like the last 2 over years changed much between us or the chemistry we shared. However, life hasnt really been treating her well. Apart from that, all was well and good I suppose in the big scheme of things.

We met about 1pm and by 8pm, we still werent done catching up. We started with our fav Jap food, then we adjourned to Starbucks, and finally we headed back to my place. It was like crash course to fill the 2 years void as well as getting gossip on other ex-colleagues. Then again, we always had a lot to share, even when we were back at work together.

During lunch, she shared a news flash. An ex colleague who was like fire and oil with me did exactly what I expect her to do, marry an ugly dude for money. Apparently, this ex-colleague was "retrenched" (though we suspected sacked more like it since she was pretty much an airhead bimbo who survived on her looks more than anything else) and couldnt finance the super overpriced condo unit she had purchased. So this guy came into the picture and "PAID" for the unit. After that, she was soo "touched", had a short shot and married him.

I dun really get why she would buy a place way out of her budget apart from being able to brag, and then get a man to pay for it. Is this what they meant by if a woman has no brains, she only need looks to get her through life? I hope that bring her the happiness she sought. I have no idea how some parents bring up their kids but she and her sister are exactly the sort of horror stories you hear or seen on drama, "selling" themselves for the "good life" so that they can brag about "making it".

For her I wasnt that surprised since she has always been open and loud about her search for the "perfect rich guy" but seeing the super ugly, I mean really ugly guy that her younger sister marry. Yeeeaks.

I'm not being bitchy here. I am being honest.

Of course how some people lead their life is none of my business. I'm just writing strictly out for gossip entertainment. The friends I keep are too goody two shoes and sensible to have any gossips, so it's always people I dislike that has the most dirt to air and entertain my very mundane life. Lol.

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