Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another aggravating round with silly people

Winter in sydney now isnt really that cold. It's relatively mild compared to the last I rem when I was staying there.

Flew in on friday and had the new Cathay Biz class configuration seat. I definitely like the extra spare table spare by the side. Pretty handy for mac/ laptop users who needed that extra space. The seats are also wider compared to the previous configuration. Is this a sign that commuters are getting more horizontally challenged? Funny how that trend hasnt caught on to the economy seats width design...

Finally got dad's birthday party out of the way. As usual, the thing I hate about heading back to Oz isnt just the "inconvenient" opening hours of the place, but also some of the people I loathed to see but situation wont permit me to avoid them. It's better now since I have openly declared my dislike, I dun have to put up with the superficial fake cheek kissy thing with people I absolutely detest.

The thing about her is that she is stupid. Even when we visited the younger brother and his newborn, he complained to us about how "incredibly out there" their sister is. She wanted everyone to do things her way for her kids. People just had a 2month old baby and she wanted the parents to go play laser tagging with her and her son so that her son can have fun. But HARLOW STUPID, people are busy with new born. This world doesnt just revolve around you and your stupid family. So of coz her two brothers were shaking their head saying things about their sister only brothers are allowed to. For me, I just plugged my earpiece and ignored the rest of the conversation that involved her and more of her stupidity.

Even for dad's party, as usual, they dont pay up. As usual my husband had to front the A$3.5k bill when the rest obviously knew they had to pay but conveniently "forgotten" to pay the cash. That aside, the fat elephant who was supposed to be in charge of the 3 table seating turned up late. What's the point of spending stupid time and money on making place cards for seating when YOU ARE TURNING up LATER than the guest is beyond me. I almost felt like asking her "ARE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB?" Has all the fats from your belly gone up and wrapped themselves round your unused brain? Oh wait, do u even have one?

Plus the place cards were really unnecessary because they were all family frends and they all knew each other. They can sit anywhere they want and who they want to sit with. Christ, it took alot for me not to bang my head against the wall in exasperation. It's always very PAINFUL for me when I see Stupid people at work, making themselves look stupid with absolutely no help. My brain cannot digest incompetent people. It kills me. So I hate to plug my headset into my ear again and play my iphone game or slot money into the red packet as my mother in law tells me to. Otherwise, I cannot bear to look around me and these stupid people really drives me mad. How can they come from the same parents? My only conclusion is that this is what small backward oz town does to you. It defines you. It stagnate you. It lowers both your EQ and IQ simultaneously. I am so glad I am born in the city.

Anycase, I have no idea why she thinks everyone eats the same large amount as her. We were already full by halfway down the course. Yet she still had this HUGE cake waiting. I dun mind the cake, but I do wish she had more sense to book a smaller course and save us some money and not waste all the food! Then again, all she really cared about was to stuff her fat face with the lobster and abalone dish.

Then the other other stupid thing she did? We were suppose to have family pictures taken. Of course this fat woman didnt think to arrange anyone take picture. So I volunteer myself and my camera for my in laws to have a group photo taken with the guests are each table. When it comes to our turn, her fucking husband had disappeared. Apparently he had gone back to the car to sleep.

They BOTH knew we were going to take a family shot together. Yet they didnt think to tell people where his car was, or bring his mobile with him so that we can call him up. No, so the fat elephant expect my husband to miss part of the party to go to the carpark to look for her fucking husband. Is that brilliant or what?!! I mean this is the sort of self centered stupid people I am talking about here.

Of course when it was photo time and my mother in law was clucking away for everyone and ASKED my husband to get his sister's husband, my husband snapped and retorted he is not going running around to look for the other chap. I asked my husband to try to call him and the other sister's husband commented"Oh yes that would be a good idea." I was like thinking to myself "What? U mean none of you have the brains to think of that on your own? what kind of stupid gwei lo families am i related to?"

So in the end, we took the photos without the fellow snoozing in the car.

If that episode wasnt enough, we had lunch with mum and dad today and the fat elephant sister just turned up at our service apartment uninformed. Mum had given her the keys and so she made herself comfortable. FUCK. I HATE PEOPLE COMING TO MY PERSONAL SPACE UNINVITED. I dont fucking care if your mum is there, we are paying for it and not you. My husband was shocked and asked mum what the hell was fat face doing at the hotel. Mum said she was there to visit mum and dad. My husband then asked "But WHY is she there when she knew you are out with us here for lunch?!!!"
Mum kept quiet.

Then apparently, she got wind that we are having dinner with the brother and his partner with mum and dad, and so she just showed up and try to leech herself for a free dinner. My husband was initially pissed because he didnt want to PAY for them AGAIN. However, do we have a choice since mum was there and I think she wanted the family dinner. Sometimes I dont get mum. She is just being plain mum and honestly, I am glad she is NOT my mum. My mum is WAY cooler and more observant of situation and doesnt impose herself on other people. Even I wont impose on my brother or his family uninvited like that even if I dont see them once in a way. I mean, every family have their privacy and unless someone really invites you, you dont fucking get your face up to other's and expect to be welcomed. You dont take liberties with your silblings or take advantage of their kind nature. I can only say she is shameless.

So she is included in tonite;s dinner and my solution? I reject having dinner with her and so I had deliberately booked dinner at the SAME restaurant, with my galfren and arranged to be SEATED across  from them. It's my way of telling you "FUCK YOU. I rather NOT EAT with YOU fat face."

Luckily my husband is very understanding and his own sister gets on his nerves and so he is rather accommodating because he knows it is taking me alot not to snap at the bitch of his sister. I try not to push my luck but I told him it will be a very uncomfortable dinner if she is there and he understands since I am giving him the option out of a very awkward meal. Plus he knows my galfren and the fact we are in the same place also works well since he can come over and say hi anytime.

I honestly am past beyond caring what the bitch and family thinks. They will NEVER be MY family, at least not the stupid ones. There are some friends I consider more family than these people I am "binded" to by a piece of fucking wedding cert. It is almost distasteful to think I have to see them for several more years till both my in-laws pass away. *Shudders* U can say I cherry pick but at least the brother and his partner have more common sense and know the social niceties. They play nice, I play nice.

Of course my mother in law also rubbed me off the wrong way this trip with her stupid remarks about "Oh babies are so cute.. blah blah blah." and the fat elephant's partner asking when we are going to have any. With my mother in law, I just blatantly take out my iphone and headset and plug it into my ear. End of conversation. I dont want to fight with you but I hope you get the hint that you are being invasive and nosy and I DONT LIKE IT.

To other people, sometimes I really want to ask them "Are you really STUPID?" I mean if you see little kids, you see little kids. IF you dont, what is the fucking POINT of asking such a point blank question? Does it gives you thrill? What kind of answer do you expect? Imagine if someone else had miscarriage or are infertile (not us *touch wood*), how do you expect other people to respond to you with such insensitive questions? Does it please you to know other people's tragic tales or you feel that You must IMPOSE your fucking family views on other people? So i really dont get it.

I have NEVER felt obliged to ask any of my frens whether they are going to have kids. If they bring up the topic of wanting more, I say good and go ahead have more if your means allow it. If you are asking for opinion and constructive discussion, I will and am happy to discus with you the merits and cons of having kids. Then I may explain the choices of my life which is fine. But I dont enjoy people I dislike coming up to me asking me nosy personal questions like these.

Perhaps next time I should fake this really sob story of tragic take to make these nosey people Feeel bad for opening a can of worms and cry publicly to HUMILIATE and EMBARRASS them for a change and that might put a permanent stop to all these socially unacceptable questioning of personal life.

So there, now that I have got this off my chest which has been brewing since saturday, I positively feel much better. It's terribly to have all these frustrations built up in my chest. I really have to learn from my sister in law, her "zen" aspect to life in dealing with obnoxious people in her life if she has any. I need to cultivate her technique of "see no evil, hear no evil" skills and block everything out that nothing seem to faze her. She is positively a cooler chick than I am I think. I am too outspoken for my own good, esp times like these.

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