Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a "flattering" day...

Gone abit nutty this summer sale. Think I had broken the bank within 2 days. The funniest thing was my shopping pattern must be rather pathetic usually because the credit card bank called my mobile immediately after my 4th shop. They wanted to check if it was really me racking up the bill within an hour.

The shopping part was not the funny bit. The hilarious bit was me shopping and being "hit on" by the sales guy. This is like what? The third time it has happened in HK. Happened on average of once a year here in HK.

To be honest, it's kinda surreal and almost unthinkable. Guess I have to thank my parents for good "young looking" genes I suppose...lol!! And in case u are thinking I am mistaking the friendly sales service today, then I dont suppose every sales guy will insist on helping u carry the shopping bag, walk you to the main door, walk u to outside the shop and ask you for your mobile huh...at that point, I burst out laughing. It was super flattering considering that he was quite a good looking chap and no, I am not saying this for my own benefit. Frankly, if I were 10years younger and I was single, I would defintely date him! But for now, Hope I didnt hurt his feelings. Haha!

The previous time, the other sales guy passed me his mobile on his name card to me and asked me to call him instead. Since then, I didnt even dare to buy my shoes from that store anymore!!!

Guess I better stop having a smiley face when I am shopping or else sooner or later, I will end up with no more places to shop!!!!

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