Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Singapore Outdoor pool is bad for me" - Duh?!!!

There is an old saying which goes "If you have nothing smart to say, dont say it."

My husband was sharing with me one conversation he had with his girlies at work. The thing she said was so mind-blowingly stupid that I just had to share it, as a joke of sort.

My husband and his staff are making a biz trip to Singapore soon and they were talking about St Regis. One of his staff enquired if there was a swimming pool at the hotel (where u can do relatively short decent laps). Initially the female staff was very happy when she learnt there was one. Then her next question was, "Is it indoor pool?"

My husband said no, it's outdoor.
The staff looked positively crestfallen and disappointed.
So my husband asked her why? At this point, I had just assumed she was concerned about getting dark. You know how self obssessive some HK gals are about the sun, they think that they will die of skin cancer if exposed to sunshine.

Anycase, the answer wasnt what I had expected. She replied
"I dont like outdoor pools because you know Singapore has Acidic Rain? So outdoor pools are bad because of the acid rain." 

I was caught by surprised which rendered me speechless. I asked my husband, "Is she serious? For real?" We are talking about a 29year old white collar, finance related high-level professional with tertiary education. Not to mention she is a China immigrant growing up in HK and lived relatively a few years in the states. Yet, she said something like an idiot that is to shock the world with.

My husband upon hearing that, told her "You rather swim in the slimy indoor pool in Beijing hotel with visibility that bad that you cannot see beyond your stretched arms but you have a thing against swimming in Singapore swimming pool? Are you serious? You know where the HK water are coming from right? Filtered RAIN water." (They just got back from a china biz trip and my husband was complaining how disgustingly dirty the hotel pool was, it leaves a layer of slime on you after u get out of the water. And this same staff was complaining about the slime before.)

His staff replied "Oh I only drink bottled water."
WTF?! My eyes grew larger.

At this point, my husband had enough and told her
"Ok stop talking now. You are being too silly now. I dont want to talk to you." 

I laughed because I can just imagine how his expression must have looked like. Being a typical Ozzie bloke, he already had very low tolerance towards silly fluffy airhead bimbo, and even worse, educated woman who says stupid illogical thing.

I was left gasping for breadth from incredulous laughters. How can anyone think the pool water in Singapore poses a threat to her health? For all we know, our pool water probably is way cleaner than some filtered water in China and India! 

Acid rain?!!! Acid rain?!! Should we all be disfigured from splashes of acid rain by now?

Bottled water? Obviously she may be good in her job but she score zero in her health knowledge and general knowledge department. Hasnt she read that many brands of bottled water is not much different from tap water (as they cannot prove their mineral water is any better), and distilled water is actually bad for our bodies because it doesnt contain the natural minerals and floride that is required by our bodies?

Can I assume that one can take a china girl out of china, but you canx take the china-ness thinking out of a china girl.


WhiteDuskRed said...

Some Hong Kong people are so ignorant I really wonder where they get the information from... more ignorant HK people?

"Just Me" said...

LOL! Yah man! The things that come out of their mouth will shock me to death sometimes!!! I dunno if they get the wrong ideas from their parents or their friends? But hey, at least they are not Ms HK, unlike our own Ms Singapore RL who was a national mockery....

WhiteDuskRed said...

A beauty pageant doesn't make a nation. Mostly for bimbos and men who don't care much except for sex with young chicks.

"Just Me" said...

For sure it doesnt break or make a nation....but she definitely wasnt easy to forget! lol