Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woooow! Show down between ABC vs China Man.

After lunch, was walking out from Times Square when I got to witness a super loud verbal fighting scene between an ABC (American Born Chinese) tourist vs a typical old China Fart-head with wife.

The ABC aged about 40yr while the China Fart-head looked about late 50s. They were fighting in English, or rather it was a typical one way street argument.

The whole thing caught my attention when I heard the ABC raising his voice at the China man "You were wrong to block the way of other people. You were being stupid and inconsiderate!"

The old China-fart confronted by this public social-manners 101 reprimand was instantly angered. As typical reaction of any uncivilised China-idiots whose ONLY attitude is "I am NEVER WRONG", started to swear (how typical) at the ABC. The China-fuckhead screamed "FUCK YOU!"

Not to be intimidated by this public swearing, the ABC moved forward towards the rude China-fart and retorted "You WERE being stupid earlier and NOW you ARE being rude swearing at other people when you were in obvious wrong!"

You see, with uncivilised china people, there is NO reasoning of logic with them. They NEVER back down or reflect upon why they had piss people off. Their ONLY MAIN concern is "I MUST NOT LOSE FACE." So the China dickhead continued to yell the only swearing word he knew "FUCK YOU! Fuck YOU! FUCK you!"

It was quite pathetic to see an old china man degrading himself and stoop to such classless behaviour. Is this what China's so call Cultural Revolution benefit has done for mainlanders? The complete elimination of social manners and dignity of carrying oneself with? Some mainlanders are so loaded that they think they are kings or lords, more superior than other people, thus lacking the basic need of being polite or consideration to other people sharing the same space as them. If there is a public fight between a china person vs other nationalities, for 99% certainty, I can bet the china person is at fault.

Anycase, the story continues. The fearless ABC didnt back down despite being alone, stood up to the Barbaric China Man and look at him in the eye and yelled back "You can swear all you like but it doesnt change the fact that you were in the wrong. You were selfish. You block the passage and didnt care about other people. YOU WERE BEING PLAIN STUPID."

I was glued to the scene and stood there, secretly cheering the ABC on. Even the security guard just stood there and watched the episode.

The China man realised that he couldnt out-yell or intimidate the ABC decided to walk away, but he must be still swearing at the ABC within his earshot (i couldnt hear since I was standing further away). The ABC chased after the China Man and asked "What did you say. I dare you to repeat it again you stupid man!"

Wow! He is my hero man this ABC! Dont back down! Teach these rude China people a lesson, teach them never to BULLY other people with their swearing and loud voice.

The China man turned around and swore at the ABC again but the china wife probably felt humiliated at the scene and dragged the husband away.

I had such a big grin on my face that it was like I struck lottery! I secretly wanted to applaud the ABC. But he headed off opposite direction from me so I didnt have the chance to give him a pat on his shoulders! WELL DONE my Man! For today, you have earned my respect in standing your ground and not backing down.

We need more people like the ABC to hold their ground and principle, and TEACH these rude china people a very important lesson, that respect needs to be EARNED. Having money or wealth does not equate to giving you the right to disregard other people, or that you are entitled to behave badly in public. I dont fucking care how you behave at home but when you are sharing this space with other people in another country, please respect the citizens of the nation. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Dont bring your own set of rules, (lack of) values into the city you are visiting or residing. It makes you obnoxious and hated.

I have reason to believe China people are NUMBER #1 most disliked nationalities around the world. They may have lotsa of buying power but it doesnt change the fact that secretly, people have very low opinion of them despite their economic success. Like the stupid king in the "King with invisible clothes", china people doesnt even realise they are being secretly mocked at by other people. How sad.

Unfortunately being Chinese, we are often painted with the same brush by some other nations unless they know we are not China-man.

It's very strange that China people tend to behave better in other western countries. They tend to behave like kicked dogs and toe the line. Yet in Asia, China people's uncouth behavior is really notorious. I dont really like the loud Americans either who sometimes wouldnt shut up and talk so loudly in restaurants, but at least they still have basic manners while overseas...mainlanders...I can only sigh in despair.

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