Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beauty Review: No regrets about Armani Delicate Cleansing Balm and eye colors!

If you use makeup and dont read this, it's seriously your loss!

I dont normally crow about makeup products as often I dont find them too much different from one brand to another. However I got really interested in Giorgo Armani's makeup after I bought some of their products in a moment of impluse.

The stuff I am so impressed with is their eye shadow and their Crema Nera Mineral Cleansing Balm/ Delicate Cleansing Balm.

Starting with Armani's Eyes to Kill Intense series, I have bought their 01Blast of Blue and 10Airy Jade.

I have used Mac, Shu Umera, Anna Sui, Bobbi Brown, Lancome's eye shadow and NOTHING, I mean NO OTHER brand has made such an impression on me as Armani's eye clour has. Amongst the lot, Shu Umera's sucks big time. I have no idea why this brand is still surviving sooo long with its less than average products. For many brands, after application, the color often starts to fade once my face starts oiling and the color virtually disappear by the 2 hour mark if I am lucky. Mac and Bobbi brown fared better depending on which colour I choose but they definitely do not last either.

Yet Armani's eye colour lasted me a solid 10 hours without a need to reapply!! The colour was still relatively fresh looking (intense)! I was honestly stunned! Normally when my face started to oil under the sweltering HK summer heat, my eye colors would disappear in a flash but NOT with Armani's eye clour. Instead, what happens is that the eye-color becomes slightly mellowed (not faded) and less shimmery intense but at a suitable distance, you can still see the color standing out. Personally I liked the mellowed look better because it has a more natural blend in look!

I tend not to look in the mirror when I am out but because I was shopping yesterday, alot of the boutiques had mirrors and I was pleasantly surprised that by the end of he day, my blue eye shadow can still be seen. My eye liner didnt smudge either! Talk about impressed. 10 hours to me is like forever when it comes to holding power of eye colours for an active oil production factory like mine! I am so tempted to get the champagne shade next time I dropped by.

The Armani staff had recommended the Delicate Cleansing Balm to me. He told me he personally felt it worked better than other Armani milk base cleanser esp since he knew I use eye liner. It was another leap of faith paid off. If you or if you have a wife or galfren who uses makeup, you should seriously consider getting this for her!

Before this, I had been using MAC cleansing oil. While I like the MAC cleansing power, I really HATE the oil nature and the way it annoys my eyes when I tried to get rid of eye liner. Not to mention, it often leave my skin leaving taut after washing it off.

Armani Balm cleanser however was amazing. It applies on like cream but gradually changes to oil based as you massage it onto your face after a min. Then wash off with water. I deliberately tried a few times without using facial cream after and my skin remains hydrated and doesnt get super oily after either. The makeup removing power was equally good if not better than some other brands I have tried. The best part is that it is cream application upon initial application so it doesnt get into my eyes and it feels really gentle to the skin.

The steeper than the rest price may be a major deterrent but my point is this, why buy so many crappy lousy products for your face when you really only need ONE good remover? U wont wear a pair of ill fitting shoes, so why would you ill treat your face by the same logic? I dun mind shelving out good dough if it works well and gentle on my skin!

I have tried Menard cleansing cream, Mac cleansing oil, Shu Umera Cleansing oil, Fancl Mild Cleansing oil prior to Armani. I really HATED the Shu Umera's cleansing oil whose prowess doesnt even compare to other brands and worse was the super oily greasy feeling of their product. Fancl mild cleansing oil was less oily and works ok but my skin esp the eye area often was left feeling super dry. Menard cleansing cream was gentle but I dont think it removes the makeup very well. It probably was better at removing just sunscreeen.

Mac cleansing oil was my fav, before I had discovered Armani's delicate cleansing balm (suited for sensitive skin). So now that I am a convert, think this MAC will be my last bottle of cleansing oil after I finished the existing one. Until I discover an even better product, I am not moving away from Armani's.

However, like every single makeup remover in the market, I would still insist on using Norvatis Lid care to clean under my eye lids after makeup remover. None, and I seriously mean NONE of the makeup remover will ever be able to remove those colours that seep under the under lid if you use eye liner or mascara that requires to get colours close to the lids. I will always find that after makeup remover, lidcare will still be removing traces of remains under my lid. After using Armani cleansing balm, the traces are lesser but nonetheless still there. So if you do not want eye infection over time, you seriously need to go get some lid care solution to clean your eyes thoroughly. However if you only use eye shadow, then it is not such an imperative step.

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