Monday, August 15, 2011

Cathay Pacific. Did you dumped my luggage in a pool?!

Returned to Hong Kong on a rainy day in Singapore.

I had the bad unimaginable luck of having my Rimowa luggage content completely soaked through! I should have known something was amissed when I collected my bag from the belt and the hard casing was all covered in water droplets as if it had been dunked into the pool. However being that late at night after having my cathay flight delayed for hours, I just wanted to get home and sleep.

Imagined my shock when I opened up and both halves were wet! I was even more horrified to see my Tod leather heels drenched in water marks...F#*k Cathay Pacific!! What the hell did they do to my luggage?!!!! Was it leaking in the plane where they store their cargo???? It's a hard case! It's a freaking Rimowa, not bloody cheap leaky casing. How much water has there got to be to soak my content completely??!

The only good thing was I had all my cables in a zip lock bag and those were safe. Apple cables are shit expensive to replace for all my Apply playthings, my camera chargers etc. A good thing I had my dirty dry cleans in a bag too that kinda shield the damage extent. Still that doesnt change the fact that my perfectly good pair of shoes was exposed to water for no valid reason. I was not happy. Not happy at all.

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