Friday, August 5, 2011

Something new to remember in Cantonese

Once again I learnt something new in Cantonese from my classmates today.

I had wanted to say "I wont be here next week.= 下個禮拜我唔" but I was told I couldnt say it literally like that.

 I had to say "I wont be in Hong KONG next week." instead. (下個禮拜我唔係香港)

I was told "I wont be here next week (下個禮拜我唔度)" in cantonese is taken to mean "I wont be alive/ or dead next week" Wow! Ok! I certainly dont want to be dead next week!

Also learnt a new "term" in Japan for all the foreigners who took flight and ran out of Japan during the Tsunami and radioactive incident.. "Fly-jin" Hahahaha

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