Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food Review: Mandarin Grill@ Mandarin Oriental, HK

Didnt have class this week so popped into Central to have lunch with my partner.

He decided to treat me to this expensive place Mandarin Grill @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Hard to imagine how "gloomy" the financial industry had been judging from all the full house business lunch crowd for pricey meal.

My lobster bisque was nice but nothing to crowd about. However the langoustines starter is completely another matter. It looks splendid like a couple of sea foam slugs languishing at the bottom of a seaweed bed. It was utter lovely and it taste heavenly!

Main was ok. Maybe I wasnt too hungry but I didnt like everything that was on my plate. The crispy pork belly was great but didnt like the pork confit. Tasted odd.

For the OTT price they charged, I would have expected EVERYTHING on that dish to be heavenly but it isnt. The lamb dish fared better in my opinion. Anycase, without a perfect serving, that means I wont be having any more meals here in near forseeable future.

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