Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food Review: The Black Sheep Cafe, Singapore

UPDATE 2012:


Tired of always eating in town, decided to try a non fussy "local" french cusine place better known as [The Black Sheep Cafe].

My definition of non-fussy means no Atas Ambience and all that Jazz. Smacked within a small street, facing a mosque and served by staff and kitchen of Indian, a truly "authentic" experience to take away with. The decor was simply put - simple though I do like some of the cute sheep and piggy painting he have got up there.

Being our first visit, we didnt have any expectation nor know what to expect really. The menu was small but decent choice. What was a minor damper was perhaps one of the new serving staff who didnt know anything except maybe to clear the plate. He was utterly hopeless. I always frown upon food establishment or retail counter being front by absolutely clueless staff. Ignorance by claiming "I am new" is really not excusable because it is YOUR job to know the menu at least. You are not the cashier, not the dishwashing guy, not the animate ornament to decorate the living space, so you as a serving staff should know your staff or at least what are the ingredients that go into it. Looking lost and helpless is really not the way to hold on to your job. Having a little self motivation to ask more about the dishes that is being served will be good, rather than constantly passing the bucket to the more experience senior staff and not willing to learn.

Anycase, all said and done about the less than-ideal service, the food was pretty good. The main and starters were well seasoned and cooked perfectly well. The drink list could be improved though, and not too impressed with the dessert especially when we found a hair in the middle of our tiramisu. We told them to take the item off the bill but for some reason, the waiter decided to ignore or didnt register what we said and plate another load of fresh dessert to us. We didnt want to stomach anymore food as we were really full and told him to give it to another table. The waiter looked half confused and abit lost saying that he cannot serve the item to another table because he had already put it on out table.

We told him it was less than 3 seconds and we didnt even touch it, who would mind? We have better things to do than contaminate food for other people esp when he was there all the while. In the end, he took the dish reluctantly back to the kitchen, only to serve it to another table behind us which is rather silly really.

That said, for food alone, minus all the weird experience with ill-trained staff, I would go back for the food because the duck confit I had was really yummy. The slight inclusion and hint of indian spices in the  sweet chutney worked really well for me personally.

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