Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prezzies day

Popped over to my best fren's place just to chill and have a swim together. Why on earth do we have so much to chat is really beyond me but I love E to bits and missed her dearly. Guess that is what frens of 2 decades does to u...those warm fuzzy vibes. Was a good thing she received my Sympathy card too since I wasnt sure if the hotel did post it.

Speaking of cards, it was so damn frustrating dashing around in Hong Kong in search of a proper sympathy / my condolences card. Everywhere I went it was like birthday, love, anniversary and birth. As if people around these store owners never have anything sad or bad happen and they live such red rosy life. I had to go from causeway bay to central to admiralty for 2 days before spotting by chance one pretty and apt card @ Kelly and Walsh for my purpose. I guess Hong Kong is still rather "Chinese"in their ways despite being a cosmopolitan city and find all these sympathy cards to be "inauspicious" to be sold.

On this return trip of mine, she surprised me with another load of presents for favorite korean drama "Secret Garden" and the OST yeahhhhh!! THANK YOU GALFREN!!! Love u to biiiiiiitttttsss!

What was even funnier was that she struck a hard bargain and negotiation with the store just to get me those Hyun Bin mugs and OMG brolly! Hahaha! The brolly was rather unexpected since I dont know if i will be ever be insane enough to carry it out despite how much I do adore Hyun Bin...still...I have gone past the age of ever being a groupie! My hands were full and didnt have space to carry the brolly with me since I was meeting my brother and his family for dinner, so she will have to hold on to my precious gifts till my next trip. Ha!

If I ever do use that brolly, I really have to damn take a shot of that classic moment!

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