Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 ex-maids fined for "moonlighting", I just think it is pure over meddling...

This is when I think its "over-meddling".

3 ex-maids fined for "moonlighting"

True, general workers shouldnt be moonlighting in other firms or forced to work in multiple locations  IF the person involved is reluctant (since forced or directed by employer means no additional income for the helper)....

HOWEVER if I am an domestic helper employer and IF it is what my helper desires to do on her off day, I RATHER have my domestic helper earning her keep on her off day at someone's household than be loitering on the streets. In many counts, I would thought it is more beneficial for my helper to have additional source of income from her skills, less headache and fear for me that the helper will be accquainted with undesirable influences out there or being "forced" to fritter away their time in the mall etc. Of course if the helper so choose not to work, it's her right as well.

Some of these helpers have a huge financial committment and some would prefer to do anything to reduce that debt in the shortest possible time. So in this sudden unnecessary interest by the authorities & meddling, i find it a lose-lose situation.

Plus, isnt Singapore crowded enough on weekends? How many more people u want out there on the streets? Additionally, how many more foreign workers the country want to let in as domestic helper, like for every household? Not everyone needs or wants a helper 24/7 or wants to be liable for someone else apart from the hours that she is working for them. Plus our local business supply of part time help is overpriced and low in supply... Not that I believe it is the case but for the sake of throwing it out there, is this some ploy to help NTUC promote their home helpers?

Before the govt tries to clam down on illegal moonlighting, then please, try to provide free or discounted training for local citizens to perform domestic chores as part of their income, or support local SME to provide affordable services to replace the gap left by foreign helpers working beyond their employers.

This is what I hate about Singapore "by the book process" sometimes, always try to close the loophole without providing a viable alternative channel first. The problem isthat these foreign workers cannot come work in Singapore as hourly rate part time helpers without a sponsor in the first place, so they couldnt be working as legal full time "hourly rate" workers in the first place. So care to tell me then what are the alternatives? Many including myself had tried the local help and frankly, they are just not as good, detailed and attentive as some of these part time domestic helpers, not to mention ALL the freaking restrictions like I only get to choose either certain hours package, with some even trying to CHARGE for EACH item ironed. So smarty pants, any solutions?

Okie...just ranting away as usual...

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