Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catching up over dinner and something new to learn...

Havent met my ex-colleagues for quite some time now, with a few since I left the company. So it was a pleasant surprise and with anticipation to join them for dinner upon invite from my replacement. 

Headed to Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant now relocated to Lee Theatre and dinner was surprisingly pretty decent actually. We had the 6 pax set dinner and it came out to about HK275 each. My fav was actually their crispy skin chicken. The cabbage soup was good, but the pan fried meat bun wasnt as good as Xiao Nan Guo Shanghainese place.

Lots of laughs over dinner. Lotsa catchup. Guess over the 5 years, alot had happened. Ex-colleagues who had been reposted overseas such as Singapore, or had new jobs elsewhere had all apparently all headed back to Hong Kong. I guess I really should stop being so lazy and try to catch up with more people!

Learnt 2 things over dinner today. That some Hk people believed that it is important to have "backing" behind your seat. So if you cannot have a wall behind you, what they did was to hang a yellow or brown jacket over their seat to symbolise "mountain" (related to earth). The jacket is never worn by the way. Apparently, sales people would also prefer not to have window seat with the sea view behind them as compared to mountain view.

Second thing learnt tonite.
There is this term called "飞机骨" in Cantonese.
It refers to those sexual massages in those indecent "chinese massage" parlor in China and Hong Kong...
If you book a private room by yourself, it is very likely you will be accosted by the masseuse. Some would ask, some would just massage those sensitive close to private areas and if there is no "objection", it is assumed that "extra services" is expected....

Every other day in HK, there is something new to learn:)

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