Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty: Holika Holika cosmetic purchase

I went abit crazy today at the new Mall Hysan Place. Pop over to see what was interesting and ended up home with a stash of makeup stuff.

To be fair, I havent bought any makeup stuff since I quit and that's like about 5 years now. I had been surviving on my cosmetic stash left over from work days.
Holika Holika has finally started their first branch here in Hk at Hysan Place. It's a Korean cosmetic brand. I walked in with intention to replenish my mascara and ended up with more than I expected.

1. Aura Luminous Highlighter.
Okie, I confess, I was suckered in primarily for the brush in case first:) However, the highlighter really worked, or at least it worked way better than Shu Umera's version. This has staying power and def created the definition when applied at the nose bridge and under eyes.

Verdict Update 2013: This is very good! Highly recommended!

2. Hello Holika multi-colour blusher.
The cat got me. Okie, the colour swayed me too. It definitely has that natural blush look after application and it saved me having to mixed a few blush colours. The powder has a shimmery effect and i guess that helpes to brighten the face. I really like this blusher!

Verdict Update 2013: I love the natural look. Highly recommended!

3. Pure Mellow- Skin Tuning Kit 
Initially I was gonna get the jelly starter kit which has a really nice powdery texture.
However the sales gal told me this is way better, esp it has that colour correction effect, with the 4 different colours mashed together in one squirt pump. I have just tried it one and after one hour in non aircon environment...so far so good.

Verdict Update 2013: Not sure if its my oily skin but this didnt quite do it for me. I will Pass.

4. Magic Pole Mascara.
Okie...I was hesitating about this. I bought it because of the ball end applicator for easy application at the tip and end of the lashes. However I am so used to my quick dry Anna Sui mascara that this got me alittle surprised that it didnt dry on my lashes immediately. So when I blinked, some of the black ink smudged my eye lid but, because it wasnt quick dry, I could also wipe it off rapidly without feeling a black spot. So after one eye, I quickly used tissue paper to wipe off the excess from the lashes itself immediately after application to avoid colouring my lids when I blink. Otherwise so far so good. It is supposed to be relatively rain proof..we shall see when my lid area starts to secrete more oil after half day..

Verdict Update: I didnt like their mascara. It smudges and its quite annoying to apply onto the lids...I really hate this. I will revert back to Anna Sui mascara. Dont buy this.

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Adelaide said...

All the products are so pretty! The pure mellow skin tuning starter looks so lovely in the bottle. I don't think I'd even used any of these. I'd just want them to add to my kawaii collection.