Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A home cook dinner...from my guest

So freaking excited my brother and his gf came over to stay with me for a short holiday over the last weekend. After eating out for several days, his gf proposed to cook us dinner on Friday since we had got nothing planned after a fulfilling dim sum lunch at China Club.

While I am into Asian food, my bro's gf is completely into western dishes. So she decided to make us pan fried foie gras with quince paste, & duck confit with mandarin fruit, as well as parma ham and melon.

I was definitely happy to be sous chef for a change. Good thing my kitchen is well stocked up:) It was definitely fun having 2 people cooking than just me alone...I just the chit chatting and exploring & experimenting was the best part

While making the foie gras, it was a good thing I had quince cube that I brought back from Portugal. Went really well together!

The duck confit was with baked potato was pretty decent but I think she overcooked the breast. However, considering it was all pulled together last minute, I think its effort well deserved of praise! At least she tries to cook for starters....

halfway through the meal, I suddenly rem the beetroot relish and took them out. It definitely went brillantly with the duck confit!

For dessert, we couldnt do without my fav New York cheese cake from my fav store!

(The new location has been moved to Hysan Mall - 6th floor)

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