Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another one of those conversations :)

Part I
Me: ... mine isnt a pixie face rite?
My man: Yes, U have a pigsy face. (Laughing away...)
Me: You bitch. (Laughing away)
My Man: Pigsy Face.
Me: Shut up Princess.

Such delightful pre-dinner banter as always... :)

Part II
*Heading down the escalator*
My Man: Pigsy Face
Me: (Took a big bite on his shoulder)
My Man: (screamed) Ta MA DE! (a new chinese phrase I taught him this morn)
Me: Yes! That's the way to say it! (HoHoHo...laughing away..)
My Man: You bitch! (laughing in pain)
Me: Stop complaining Wussy.

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