Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hysan Place: Looking forward to the grand opening of new mall

One of the perks about living in CWB is that shops are constantly changing and I am so near all the great malls and shops, though I do hate the high rental squeezing my fav cheap shops out of business..
Still, I am now anticipating the biggest latest happening a stone's throw away from home.

Apart from A&F opening in Central Peddler Building on 11Aug, I am rather more excited about the opening of the new mall- Hysan Place  near my place this coming Friday, 10th Aug. From then till 25th Aug, it will be opened till 12 midnite!  (The place was jammed pack even at to midnite as evident from the photo!!!)

Apart from Taiwan's Eslite bookstore launching flagship here (supposedly biggest in HK) taking up 3 floors, happy that DFS is also having a new branch here for their cosmetics brands. Great! Save me trip to TST DFS from now on!

Apart from some common brands, other retail stores are brands (eg: Double Standard) that supposedly isnt available in other malls and making a splash in HK for the first time. Good thing is that there isnt gonna be another mall stacked full of pricey high end luxury fashion but the stores seemed to target more on youngster with purchasing power. 

More info:

遍佈日本全國的DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING,將以成熟又富女人味的姿態首度駕臨香

"Street Formal", 「街頭風」x 「正式感」的結合表現了「成熟女性的俏皮心態」,為日本時裝界帶來新的刺激。堅持理念與美學的態度、與撩動女人心的甜美款式,snidel創造出始終引領新時代的街頭時尚。

SHEL'TTER TOKYO 今年4月正式於表參道開設全球首間旗艦店,半年未滿即殺
入銅鑼灣,透過旗下一眾品牌,如moussy、SLY、Rodeo Crowns、 rienda、 SHEL'TTER 以及配飾品牌suerrow,將東京的時裝與生活元素帶來香港。以後大家揭日本雜誌時,不但睇得到,更買得到!


The entire 6th floor, known as "Garden of Eden" will be devoted to women with offerings from skincare, accessories, pedi, lingerie etc.
香港的女孩子有福了!Hysan Place在6樓特意打造了專為女士而設的樓層,名為「
Garden of Eden」。由本地著名室內設計師Alex Choi精心設計,以伊甸園為主題建構出只屬於女士的秘密花園,從護膚、修甲、內衣、小配飾等撼動女人心。


There is also gonna be Jasons Food & Living ( at Hysan place. I certainly hope it will be an even better supermart place (if it is a supermart place) than citysuper... the pictures looks really promising ... Just occured to me that HK supermarket in general have better ambience and decor, plus variety than those in Singapore such as NTUC, Shop & save or even Cold Storage...Perhaps its something the chains in Singapore should look into oneday:)

*All pictures & brand info are from Hysan Place FB page.

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