Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oblivion movie

Just watched Oblivion. It's not bad way to be entertained. It isnt a groundbreaking plot since both my man and I guessed the plot from start till end at the first 10mins. That's how predictable it is...but still, I would say it is an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

Basically it's about this drone repair tech guy Jack Harper who goes around servicing damaged drone killer machine that had undergone battles with the scavengers. Scavengers are the invaders of earth who refused to back off even when the world is nuked and half the place is destroyed with radiation.

However, Jack Harper kept having dreams about this woman but he didnt know who. His partner as well as colleague told him not to think about it and just focus on doing a good job so that they can return to mother ship Titan.

Through chanced encounter, Jack Harper saw something falling through the sky and he went to investigate. To his shock, he found human survivors only to be killed by the drone who went to investigate. Jack only managed to save one, the female crew who appeared in his dreams.

The rescued lady wanted to check the flight recordings and Jack against all rules, took her out and just when they found the recording, they were captured by scavengers.

The scavengers wanted and needed Jack's tech expertise in their master attack plan. They were ready to kill him and the rescued lady but one of the scavenger let him loose to "decide" for himself.

When Jack Harper learned the truth, he was shocked but that;s when things heat up.

I wont tell you the ending but it's a good predictable ending.

The only part we didnt quite linked up was firstly, how did the scavengers know the code to the spaceship to beckon it back to earth, and secondly, how did they on earth, knows that there are any spaceshuttle survivors out there? Why should they not assume they are dead and why did they take 60years to even attempt it?

Anycase, I am still trying to second guess if the the 1st leading lady knew, or didnt know the rescued leading lady 2's connection with Jack Harper all along? Mainly because of the line "It's always about her isnt it" or something along that...made me wonder if she harboured some secret liking for Jack even before all the world changes happened....

Plus, why did the 2nd tech repair guy venture into the radiation zone to try to repair the drone?
Isnt the radiation zone strictly off limits?

I havent watched Iron man 3 yet. Gonna wait till my man gets home from his biz trip.

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WhiteDusk said...

The 2nd guy was in the radiation zone for the 1st tech repair guy. Likewise the good zone for the 1st tech repair guy will be the radiation zone for the 2nd so they will never meet each other~ segregation of sectors~