Monday, April 15, 2013

Singapore Fuckwit Moment 3 - Nex Shopping Mall Taxi Stand.

I met my ex colleagues for CNY lunch@ Nex during my trip back. It's another place filled with Singaporeans who are fuckwits. Why does it keep happening to me? Why do these fuckwits constantly seek me out to torment me, and lower my already rock bottom opinions of my birth country?

Incident #1

I went to Cold Storage@Serangoon Nex to made my purchase so that I can get the second WMF pot for my mum after the fuckwit Cold Storage policy rejecting my $60 purchase incident.

While waiting for the cashier to put my purchases into my recyclable shopping bag, I accidentally dropped my soy bean drink and some of the drink spilled onto the floor. I quickly picked up the cup and looked for the spare large Starbuck tissue paper (left over from earlier purchase) to wipe up the small puddle. The cashier saw and called someone to get the cleaner to mop up the mess.

This is when 2 Singaporean fuckwits entered my life.

The first was the CS Chinese cashier.
I grabbed my soiled tissue after soaking up the soybean drink and wanted to throw it into the dustbin next to me (but was placed behind the cashier). The closelid bin was not exactly within stepping distance so I politely requested the cashier (who was an all time spectator all this while) to press open the bin lid with her foot so that I can drop the tissue.

The reaction was "What for?"
What do you think?
That I am going to hand you the dirty tissue in your hand to throw it away you fuckwit?

I replied her "To throw these" and I point to the almost dripping tissue.
The CS cashier reluctantly open her dustbin.
Why she was so begrudging was beyond me.
I just ignored her before I pop my blood vessel.

If you think that was end of story, no not really.
This Singaporean Middle age man who was Q'ing behind me gave me the DIRTY disgusted look while I was wiping up the mess.

What the fuck?
So you Mr High and Mighty Fuckwit thinks that someone else like a cleaner should be the one to clean up our mess and that I am being excessive moronic to do the right thing is wiping up the mess?
It's not like the soybean spilled anywhere near your fucking lowlife cheap nasty unpolished dull black shoes. Neither was I blocking your way or holding the Q up. So what the fuck is your problem?

The cleaner came and mopped the mess up.
All the accusing eyes as if like I have nothing better to do than go around spilling my paid drink.
What is happening to Singapore was the first thing that pop into my head.

Incident #2

After the CS incident, I rushed off to the taxi stand outside Nex.
I dont know how many taxi stand there is around Nex but the one I went was situated near the Espirit store.

This is the place that really made my blood boil with the numerous SELFISH SELF-ABSORBED, SELF- CENTERED SINGAPOREAN FUCKWITS. Oh my god! The amount of arseholes in Singapore is amazing.

You see, the taxi stand is situated right in front of the private car alighting bays. 2 bays to be exact.
The road was only a 2 way lane, and there was already a long line of taxis building up on the left most lane.

Guess what these Singaporean private car owners did that really tick me off?
Instead of being considerate and sensibility to drive their fucking private cars into the alighting bay, these arrogant drivers actually STOPPED their cars in the middle of the 2 way lane and allowed their passengers to unload in their own sweet time?!!


It wasnt just one car.
It wasnt just one Singaporean arsehole-jackarse-moron-mega fuckwit. It was MANY selfish fuckwit drivers.

In the span of 20mins I was standing there.
I counted at least 6 private cars who did that.
Mercs, BMW, Honda, Toyota, KIA, etc. Commoner cars or luxury car drivers alike, all FUCKWITS.
Some hog the middle of the 2 lane. Some literally stopped on the outer lane.

Either way, these fuckwits literally BLOCKED up the traffic behind them, meaning the taxi drivers couldnt move and we were all waiting and jammed there not because there were no cabs but rather because of Singaporean drivers who do not deserve to own a car NOR own a license to begin with.

What made the whole situation even more exasperating?
That there was actually a Malay Uncle who was hired to work at the taxi stand, with a super MEANINGLESS NON-VALUE Added job of waving at the taxis to come forward.

Uncle, Taxi drivers KNOW how to drive their cab forward when the passenger before boards the prior cab. We dont need you to wave to taxi to drive 5 inch forward. You are being useless. What is your job scope? To manage traffic near the mall, that means not turning a blind eye to errant private car owners flouting all the rules behind you. You only need to walk forward 3 steps to tell these drivers to move into the private car bays instead of just staring at them. Why do we need to pay you to stand there to watch the mess. You take a salary, then please, do some meaningful work. Otherwise, inform your boss the problems. Or get traffic police involved. Dont just stand there dear lord.

If that wasnt all, Singaporeans are all so fucking lazy.
You know how the taxi line up in one straight file? These people standing before me are for lack of a better word, idiots.

If the first person in the Q is heading for the first cab, in HK, the 2nd person in Q will naturally walk towards the 2nd cab in line. However in Singapore, the 2nd person will NOT walk. They rather just stand there and WAIT. Wait until the 2nd taxi slowly inch forward a few inches before they will open the door and board. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH WALKING that extra 3 steps you lazy bitches?????!!

I swear my head was hurting from this "cultural" shock coming back to Singapore during my hols.
It's super unbearable to witness and be part of these fuckwit moments.

When it was my turn, I walked to the 2nd cab, only to discover that Singapore cabs do not have auto door open unlike in HK. In HK, when both my hands are caught up with grocery bags, the driver would always open the door and the guy who help man the taxi Q will walk forward to hold the door open till I settled into the cab. THAT's HK. However, not happening here in Singapore. They want to copy HK but copying NOTHING right.

I asked the driver, do Singapore cabs not have auto swing open door?
The answer he gave me was no.
The answers my friends gave me was some have it but NO ONE ever uses it.
So WTF?!!!!!!!!

Singapore is bragging about top port or shit airport etc, but they cannot even get the basic day to day events right. So what is the fucking point? Where is the focus? Singaporeans travel so much to overseas and experience so much service and yet they cannot fathom the fundamental service they need to provide? How dismal and absolutely horrifying.

I dont need my country to be focus only on GDP or firefighting the backlash or picking on the govt from A-Z. I need the people to wake up and take a good hard look at themselves and things happening around them. Stop blaming the govt for everything. Everything I had experienced, those fuckwit moments are created by Singaporeans themselves, not the govt. We need to grow up else we will just be acting like a bunch of good for nothing teens who just want to rebel and complain.

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