Monday, April 15, 2013

Singapore Fuckwit Moment 2 - Cold Storage

Is Singapore getting filled with dumbwits to do the jobs? My recent experience tells me that the service industry is seriously waiting for a major overhaul in its human resources. People, you need to start hiring people with BRAINS. Stop employing fuckwits and piss your customers off.

This recent incident really had my jaws hanging wide open.

For those who frequent Cold Storage in Singapore, you might rem the promotion of WMF pots at discounted price with minimal $30 purchase in a single receipt back in early this year Feb 2013.

I had wanted 2 pots. One for me, and one for mum. In any developed service oriented country, you would expect this to be a no brainer right? WRONG. I guess in Singapore supermarket, the promotion department likes to make you go through the painful time consuming way.

I did my shopping at the Cold storage located in the mall next to Expo MRT station.

At the cashier, I did my purchase and my bill came up to $60 exact. There was NO instructions as to where to do the purchase, or how to do the discounted pot purchase. That was fine thinking the cashier would know since she WORKS there right? Well, turns out she is even more clueless than me because she didnt know what the fuck I was talking about. I had to tell her that the pots were on display at the main entrance. Then she told me to go to the people in the MEAT section to get help.

I may not of rocketing IQ, but I am not as dumb to believe that the guy selling me butchered meat will know anything about the pots promotion if this cashier knows nothing. So obviously I knew she was clueless.

Not wanting to hold up the couple behind me, I had to carry all my heavy purchases with me and headed back to the main entrance to grab the pots, hoping to find some floor manager. Nope. NO ONE was there. No staff, no manager.

So I grabbed the pot and headed back to the cashier. Unfortunately, it was either that Indian cashier I had earlier or the Chinese trainee at the other checkout.

The Indian cashier asked me if I wanted the 2 pots. I asked her, well I have $60 purchase in a single receipt, so I can get 2 pots right?

To my surprise, the answer was a NO.
I can only buy one pot with one receipt.


I thought you know, with the crappy Singlish and all, I may have misunderstood her and I didnt want to jump to conclusions about how moronic it would be if I heard her correctly the first time. So I clarified and asked again

Me:  "Did you just say I cannot buy 2 pots, even though I met the minimal $30 purchase and now I have $60 purchase in a single receipt."

CS cashier: Yes. You can only buy ONE POT with ONE RECEIPT.

Me: Are you positively sure. Can you check with someone because nothing on that promotion sign board mentioned that it is $30 or nothing. It merely states I need to fulfil the $30 criteria.

The CS Indian cashier turned to her chinese colleague and asked if she knew. The CS Chinese cashier just shrugged and replied dunno. Call Ms xxx.

The CS cashier called her manager or whichever fuckwit holed up inside some snug office and sure enough, I could hear the loud woman over the phone telling the cashier "THE COMPANY POLICY says only $30 per receipt for each pot."

So I asked her, then why dont you void the transaction and split the whole receipt into two receipts then since it is your company requirement, which by the way is not advertised or indicated ANYWHERE before I made my purchase.

The Indian CS Cashier gave me a blank look.
Then she replied "Sorry I cannot."
There is no such company policy.

Honestly, at this point, I gave up.
It's too mentally exhausting to fight against stupidity and fuckwits.
It's just a pot.
I can make another purchase another day to meet the $30 requirement.
At this point, my brain hurts from having to deal with this whole lot of fucking SG morons.

I dont know if it's company policy, or there are alot of hired help with BAD ENGLISH and they cannot comprehend the minimal $30 purchase requirement. By the way at this point, I need to emphasize that every staff including Ms xxx Useless Loudspeaker over the phone there was SINGAPOREAN with a LOCAL ACCENT. Not Foreign hires.

In HK, this will never happen.
I have redeemed plenty of quality pots, knives etc and NOT once, I have to deal with such crap.
In HK, the supermarket staff are always on the ball, knowledgeable, and even if they dont know, they will call someone and clarify till they are satisfied and get back to the customer. Not like in SG, where these people have no idea how to serve or any passion about their job. Please, hire someone with brains...what happen to common sense in the service industry?

Fuckwits...loads of fuckwits...
Sg is driving me nuts with all the excess surplus of fuckwits.

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