Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recipe: Chicken Drumsticks Carrot soup, with Chinese Mushrooms & wolfberries.

I normally make chicken soup with a whole Australian free range chicken but today, I finetuned the recipe to make soup only with chicken drumstick and it turned out surprisingly delicious.

Chicken Drumstick Soup with carrots, chinese mushrooms & wolfberries.

Over the years, I have only been cooking for 2 pax and found it so easy, so I honestly fail to understand the "excuses" that "its so hard to cook for 2 pax so I dont cook." theory. Think of all the benefits of cooking your own meals. No salt. No sugar. Only wholesome goodness...Not to mention all the minor tweaks to customise it to your taste. To me, its hands down win :)

So here's my easy to make chicken soup.

Portion: 2 pax.
Time to prep & cook: 1.5hrs

- 4 medium size drumsticks.
- 5 medium size presoaked Chinese Mushrooms
- 2 tbsp of rinsed wolf berries.
- 8 deseeded red dates.
- 5 slices of rinsed Chinese Yam. (optional)
- A small handful of lily bulbs in a tea pouch (optional)
- 1 large Australian fresh carrot, or 2 mid size.
- 2 dried presoaked small scallops. (normally I would presoak for 5-10mins prior so that its not that strong)
- 2 inch of smashed ginger without skin.

Cooking steps

1. Fill soup pot with 2 L of water. Bring to Boil.

2. Throw in sliced mushrooms, chinese yam, dried scallops, red dates, ginger into pot and bring to boil with medium heat for 20mins with lid close.

3. In a separate pot, boil water and cook drumstick for about 5 mins. Throw away the water.

4. Add the drumsticks into the soup pot to cook with other ingredients. Turn flame down to small.

5. Close lid and leave to simmer for an hour.

6. Add wolfberries, close lid, cook for another 15mins.

Done. Served with rice.

Tip: You can replace carrots with daikon (white radish).
1. However, I recently learnt that you should not mix daikon with red carrot as the Vit C in radish is destroyed by carrots. You should cook them separately.

2. Radish is considered cooling property vege, so not suitable for all people.. More importantly, one should NOT consume radish while taking medication esp antibiotics as it is said to neutralise the effects of the medication.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for a simple chicken soup and only have chicken, carrot and wolfberries in my fridge.