Monday, April 15, 2013

Singapore Fuckwit Moment 4: Korean BBQ @ Orchard Central

After all the fuckwit moments at heartland malls, one would assume things will get better as we head on to the "heart" of the city state - Orchard Road...I need a strong heart to withstand all these people who doesnt deserve the job they are holding.

My gf drove us to Orchard Mall for a "quiet dinner" on this hard pissing down rain weekday night. We arrived about 6pm and were seated promptly by this Filippino waitress. I was looking through the menu on the BBQ meats, that had both the Korean and English description.

On the left of the big menu was all options in A, and on the right was all the options in B.

Looking at the price difference and the Korean description difference, I waved for the staff over to explain to my mild confusion.

Me: Could you explain the difference between this item A2 "Marinated Beef Ribs" vs B5 Marinated Beef Ribs? They are both beef ribs in English but in Korean, they read different.

FT Staff: Oh, on this page (pointing to the left page), these are marinated meat, You can have pork or chicken. On this page (pointinf to the right page), you can get other items and beef.

If you know me, I really have no patience for idiots that do not answer the question. However in this case, given that she is a Foreigner whose English may be wanting, I repeated myself.

Me: Yes I can read thank you very much. I am not asking you what items are on Page A. I am asking you what is the difference between this item A (finger pointing) and this item B (Finger from another hand pointing)

FT staff: Oh they are the same.

Me: I dont think they are the same because the Korean text reads differently, and the pricing is different. Can you check?

FT Staff: Oh they are the same. (not bothering to check)

Me: So if they are the same, why are they on different pages? 

Ft Staff: Ahhh..they are the same trust me. They are Marinated Beef Ribs.

At this point, I know she was a lost cause. I didnt want to ruin my eve and dinner date with my fren because of a fuckwit. How can the 2 items be the SAME?!!! They might be the same as in Marinated and as in beef rib meat. However what is the difference?!!! God almighty I wanted to slap this woman so hard when she refused to check and still give me replies not relating to my questions.

I told her to give me a min.
Not because I needed to select what I want to eat, but rather I needed that min to calm myself from this stupid moment. 

My gf looked at me.
I told her "I dont trust her. I dont trust a place who doesnt know what the fuck they are serving."
She agreed and we left for the Korean BBQ at Dempsey instead since the rain stopped.

Why is the training so poor?
Why couldnt the staff even be familiar with their menu?
Why are they shamelessly located in the middle of the city.
Why is this useless person being employed from overseas?

Why am I surrounded by FUCKWITS?!

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