Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Value add service @ Jasons Supermart

The thing I really love about Hong Kong is "Service Service Service!" Apart from loaning umbrella and leaving my letters to be posted with the information counter at Times Square shopping mall, I found another new added service elsewhere. Living on HK island,  Life is truly a breeze and the system is here to make life easier for consumers.

I dont know if Singapore Supermarkets offer this value add service since I have been living away for so long, however I found a nugget of surprise here in Hong Kong Supermarket.

I was purchasing my groceries at Jasons Supermart@Hysan Place. While the Filippino cashier was helping me sort out the groceries into my 2 recyclable bag, I remembered to ask for some ice for my meats since I was still going to head for lunch before heading home. As she was slotting the ice inbetween my meat packs, I causally started chatting with her and explained that I still have to head for lunch which explains the need for my ice request. I didnt have to tell her anything but well, it's just me having a chat occasionally with retail staff when I aint in a rush.

The cashier looked up and asked if I was heading out to Causeway bay to have lunch. I told her no, just going upstairs to grab a meal at the food court. Immediately, the cashier told me "Why dont you leave your grocery bags with us, I can even put the meat bag into the fridge. It will save you having to carry 2 heavy bag all over"

I was over the moon. Honestly, I never knew such service existed. The ice service yes but leaving my bag behind and to collect later. I wasnt that surprised since this is Hong Kong but still, it brightens my day. So all I have to do was to fill a form with name and contact number and that's it! I went back 40mins later to collect my purchase with my very satisfied belly.

Thank you Jasons for such fantastic added service.

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