Monday, October 28, 2013

Beautiful Hk skylines

While housekeeping my FB albums, I really wanted to share one of my fav past time here in HK. Taking pictures of the beautiful skies in HK. The array and magnificent display of wondrous colours is amazing. I get to see this in Oz and Japan but never in Singapore. Not sure why but I guess our city is less polluted though maybe with the Haze problem, we might be lucky if we even get clear blue skies during some months if the problem isnt resolved soon!

The pink and violet shning thru the eve skies was absolutely tranquil

Another one of those bright orange evesunset

Saw this in the middle of cooking dinner and had to stop and admire the beauty of the orange spread

It was a strange unusually bright night with light blue setting

Sunset over IFC

An approaching storm

I was just lazing I couldnt resist taking this.

One of those sunset over the mountains

Reminds me of fury fire ball...or maybe Murdor from Lord of the ring?

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