Thursday, October 24, 2013

Even "lunch stealers" dont want our Singapore citizenship

It was our wedding anniversary and so my man decided to take me out for a weekend celebration at Four Seasons Hotel HK.

Was having dinner at the Chinese Restaurant,LUNG KING HEEN It had a great nite view to the harbor!

Then came a table of 8 Filipino seated next to us. Initially I wasn't paying much attention until they started talking loudly in a mixture of Tagalog and English.

They were talking about their IT work and about how they got their SG PR easily having only stayed in SG for 2 years. One guy was really LOUD, the one with semi bald head, and I commented to my husband that he was the Filipino version of a China man. So loud and crass. It was impossible to not hear him talk.

I was minding my own business until my ears caught them talking about Singapore. What can I say, you can take a girl out of Singapore but you can't take the Singapore element out of the girl.

Even though I don't live in Sg presently, what they said was like a stab to my heart. That our citizenship has really gone down the gutters. (Not that I didnt already know that with the flooding of PR in our country but to actually HEAR it from a foreigner's mouth really made me hot behind the ears.)

The really loud guy have been in SG since 2005 and you can actually hear the Singapore accent from his speech mixed with his Filipino accent. He asked one of his younger guy Filipino "So you converting to SG citizenship?"

You should see the "HORROR" look on the young guy's face and he replied immediately "NO NO! I am just PR, I dont want the citizenship." They said something in Tagalog and they all LAUGHED and the fren repeated the question as to why not?

The young chap replied "I'm only there for career and family."

I assumed they thought it was safe to talk that disparagingly about Singapore (and loudly mind you) in HK.

Later on, they continue to talk about plans to work in London etc..and asking another lady about her experience on the cross over.

Having read what our dear PM Lee warned us about recently, it was ironic and like a HUGE slap across our face. Fantastic isnt it? Even lunch stealers DON'T WANT SG CITIZENSHIP.

I dont usually add a footnote but I felt compelled to do this based on some mistaken and "not so nice" comments. 

This post isnt about shaming the foreign workers, nor about being anti-global workers. That has NEVER been my stand throughout this post or in my blog. Which is why you dont see details like the companies these folks work for here, ther names nor do I take clear pictures of every single one of them to go viral on FB. Which is also why I declined to have this post reposted in TRE or any websites where it might trigger more extreme responses which is not my intention. I'm not here to encourage hate post in case some of readers perceived my post wrongly, or their selectively reading and jumping to conclusions to is their key problems.

However what this post IS about, is stating an incident that I have encountered, which contradicts what our nation's policies seemed to be geared towards - desperate attempts to lure foreigners to be PRs and then to convert them to SG citizens, and making reference to the recent comment warning us about "lunch stealers". Plus these folks talked so loudly on such sensitive issues that I figured if they are not afraid to be heard, they shouldnt be afraid to be "seen" either.

One more note, precisely these are seemingly well educated professionals (aka the sought after targets) that makes the whole situation an irony. If these people are taking cheap shots at us, then who exactly are we as a nation attractive to? These folks merely confirmed what many of us believed, they are not here to make Sg their home forever, to integrate with us, they are just here for career and family well being, and some nastier ones to milk the system (eg: buy HDB and resell for a profit when they give up their PR and head elsewhere).  Without a link like a local spouse, or some other commitment,  it's hard to imagine any of them being concerned for the nation or any integration intent.  

Finally,the issue in this post has nothing to do with globalisation of workforce, but rather that I am disappointed with these fellow people who are here in our land, drinking our water, working amongst us, enjoying whatever comforts they have are taking cheap shots and mocking its host nation and her people. THAT is not nice is what I am saying. I dont see what is wrong with highlighting such ill behavior, esp if they are happy to be heard in public arena without care.


Anonymous said...

dun worry a thing about it, that a common fact..
the problem is, y the effort to hoodwink local singaporeans..

Nomad said...

I'm more indignant than anything else....the way they talked as if SG citizenship is some private joke to be laughed about. It's almost like asking American if they want to become Tal*ban kind of "you gotto be kidding me" kind of attitude that is sad... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were all laughing at us SG men needing to serve NS...

Anonymous said...

When something is too easily gotten, no one treasures it. In thiscase, SG citizenship. Sad.

Anonymous said...

What a petty, cowardly post. Taking a picture of the diners that "offended" you and posting on the internet is the definition of cowardly. If you were really upset at their conversation then go talk to them like a man. But no, most Singaporeans just snap a picture of whatever angers them, post it on the internet, and then let the shaming begin. I guess when your government treats you like a child, you end up acting like one. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

thanks. good thing you did not approach him to tell him off and the story ended there.

this is better a pic and write up of him and his clans making an ass of themselves.

Nomad said...

Annoymous@Oct 27 at 1:27PM

Hello coward annoymous.

In this case, I see no point going up to him to say anything. Because there is nothing to say to him. The picture is there to PROVE that this is not some "makeup story" that is anti govt (as some cyber trolls often like to say these stories are untrue).

The photos are here just to state that this story that I had overheard is true. It's not meant to shame anyone because shaming usually requires DETAILS of the person targeted which in this case there is none. This is closer to stating an incident.

Firstly To answer your judgmental statement that has no basis since you obviously DONT know me.
Anycase, I HAD told off foreigners before with bad behavior. When its something I CAN comment about. Such as when I overheard this China couple, sitting in our MRT, working in SG, mocking Singaporean's chinese and our food and I did tell them off to stop criticizing our language and food and they are NOT in china so they should not expect something that is exactly like home. It is ok to state it as an observation, but making jibes and laughing about it is NOT ok.

Second time was another China man who didnt want to Q and shoving people off. However as typical arrogant people, their retort is as usual" Your Govt begs us to be here. What do u think u can do with me. Come china and I will kill you." Guess what, I have heard those usueless threats so many times that it sound like empty farts.Just like yours.

Since you are soooooo full of yourself, will you be giving all sg an award then when we tell these people off?

So How about you coward commenter? What have you done apart from throwing cheap shots from behind the screen?

In this case, there is nothing to say to them. What I am pointing out is that what our PM had said differs from reality.

You are so happy to take pot shot at us and at me, I see that you are an even smaller person than you like to make yourself to be..
Guess you are as cowardly as this bunch of people who prob only dared to mock sg OUT OF SG, and you only dare to make comments without an identity.

My condolences to you and your petty behavior is forgiven even if you dont realise it.

Nomad said...

"Anonymous said...
When something is too easily gotten, no one treasures it. In thiscase, SG citizenship. Sad.
October 27, 2013 at 11:12 AM "

I completely agree with you on this.

I often commented to my partner that using Australia as a loose example, people are still flocking there regardless how stringent their PR process is and how long it takes 6months - 1 year and there is tests and criteria (apart from the $$ factor) one has to fulfill. Or back when US green card is so hard to have but so many people still applied for it...oh well.

Like I said somewhere before. It's not about being anti foreigners. It's the quality of foreigners and the sort of job sectors they are helping to fill up. My friend's contract was not renewed and replaced by a China lady. This is already the second time... He gave up. He has decided to leave SG. Mind you. He's not anti foreigner either since his wife is from China. He just couldnt believe the current job market in Sg anymore with the obsessive FT hiring.

Kojakbt said...

Hi bro. You wrote an interesting piece. Are you ok if I repost this on TRE? Thx!

Nomad said...

Hi Kojakbt,

Thank you for your request but after much consideration, I would prefer NOT to repost in TRE.

The purpose of this post is to share my encounters and experience, but often reading some extreme comments from readership of TRE, I do not want this to become an explosion of anti-foreigners sentiment on FB etc, which is not what this post is about. This post is simply a personal view. Like I had explained to some judgemental commentor above, my intention is not to shame anyone either which this will turn into if reposted on TRE.

So while I appreciate and thank you for your interest, I seek your kind understanding for my decision to decline.

Anonymous said...

Have you not yet realized that we all live and work in a global economy?

How about the Singaporeans working in the US, London, Europe and Australia...? Should they be sent back to Singapore?

Btw, they look like Chinese Filipinos, so guess what, they are just like the majority of Singaporeans - lucky to have been from a family that was able to flee China and set up elsewhere thanks to the generosity of the new country/colonial administration (I.e. the Malays and British in the case of Singapore)

Nomad said...

"Anonymous said...
October 27, 2013 at 10:00 PM"

Did you actually read the post and did I write in ANYWHERE that I am anti-foreigners working in Singapore or that everyone should only work in their own countries?

Since you DON"T seem to understand the post, let me explain.

My post was other nationalities mocking the fact that "it's a joke" to become citizenship of SIngapore, while meanwhile our country policies was to attract PRS to convert to citizenship, which apparently is not what other people wants.

This post has no bearing as to whether they are working in Sg. Do you see me exposing their companies here? NO. So that should obvious that these people choice to work overseas are not the issue.

The issue is, dont make a JOKE out of a country that host you. If a singaporean talk badly about the nation they work in (god pray they are not that tactless and arrogant), then yes, I say send the bastard back home if they have so much to bitch or jibe about.

I used to work in HK and while not everything is perfect, I dont go around bitching or laughing at my host country. I RESPECT the culture, habits and way of life here. I'm not cantonese but I learnt to speak the language to mingle with the local. I choose to actively hang out with the locals rather than the expats. I dont have to change, I just dont have to nitpick and laugh at things that are different from my home country either, but rather I try to integrate and in return the locals appreciate it.. I say to these people, if other countries are so bad, then I say stay in your comfort zone.

Please, it's absolutely BAD taste for guest of a nation to mock or critise unconstructively about the host. Just like If you have friends of friends over to your place, you really like them to nitpick openly your place, tell you your wife talks funny and food is terrible, your children are hideous and stupid and useless etc. If that';s the sort of home party you like to have, I say you are strange case. Most sensible guest keeps their opinions to themselves or within the walls of their private home, and most host while dont expect guests to prostrate themselves in gratitude, should at least have be given the due courtesy.

Veron said...

I really like your reply to coward anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are stupid, you will find that a lady had written this. If you're so freaking brave reply to this in TRE with your picture, then see if you'll have a slaping kind of experience.

Nomad said...

Hello Impolite Anonymous @ Oct 29, 9.33AM.

Oh just quit all that huff and puff and the bravado that your opinions are a cut better than us.

Slapping (not "slaping" btw) experience you say? I doubt it. There can only be a few outcome.

If one is a Sgporean with any love left for the nation, generally one should be dismayed and hot behind the ears by the brazen incident.

If being a Sgporean and yet you still side with foreigners who thinks offline SG bashing & mocking OUTLOUD is acceptable behaviour), then I weep for you and the nation.

If you are a non Singaporean, then it betrays the kind of person that you are...the indecent sort who havent learnt their bedside manners.

If you are non Sgporean and disagree with the fellow PRs in this post, then I say thank u and there is hope that people can still tell what's right and wrong.

Thus you see, your egging to post this on TRE simply betray you to be nothing but a warmonger and if you have no constructive opinion apart from being an idiot on a warpath, just another troll out to gloat or pass empty farts.... I will suggest for you to learn to first try use your common sense, secondly manners, before you even attempt to use the PC. This is for the common good.