Monday, October 28, 2013

Hong Kong advert for "seat chopper"

I had a good chuckle when I saw this advert in HK.

This is what I love about HK for their "ingenuity".
Here we have people willing to pay for seat chopper while in Singapore, I rem our polite "tissue pack" seat reservation was being frowned upon and discouraged. I personally thought the tissue pack system was a very civilised culture. I mean how many countries can proclaim that no one will fight over seats that is reserved with brolly or tissue pack but oh well....there are always differing opinions.

Translating the advertisement, it basically was an urgent search for long term "Seat chopper" (to occupy seats). The person is living in Mei Foo and works in Central, and hoped to have a diligent, polite and responsible "Personal seat chopper". The engaged person will be responsible for grabbing a seat in the train for the guy, and to watsapp the "employer" which cabin and seat position from Mei Foo station.

Advert Foodnote: Pretty ladies with good figure are given priority, those with piles or sweaty bum (pat pat) need not apply.

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