Monday, October 28, 2013

The super "no image" thing....

Autumn is here. Can't walk around in shorts anymore or I will freeze to death inside those sub zero temperature malls.

I was caught unprepared just few days back. Didnt realised it was THAT freezing cold in the supermart and by the time I was done 1 hour later, my nose started to dribble non stop. I thought it would go away but the next day, my nose was leaking non-stop like a faulty tap! Couldnt even take my hands off my nose for a minute before the nose leaked everywhere! Still, one has to go buy groceries right?

However by the time I was done and with both hands full with grocery bags, it was impossible to be still holding the tissue over my nose. However, nottie nose was seriously leaking non stop and since I didn't have any Spare hands to do both things, blow my nose and carry the groceries at the same time, I did the totally "no image" thing and stuck the tissue in my nose to "stop" the leak while walking to the bus stop. Only married "auntie level" can do things like that. Haaa haa. Well, in HK, no one really cares anyway and so no one even pretty much bate an eyelid.

That's why I love it here, dont have to give 2 hoots about what people think...partially also because no one here knows me! Heee hee

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