Tuesday, October 22, 2013

External wall repair time!

With the Typhoon season finally over....it's finally time to set in motion the repair of the outer walls and window rubber seals.

 The cement and rubber had cracked over time (well, it is an old building), and the water has seeped in causing much distress on my interior walls. Wall water stains, cracking, and well, moulds on the water stain. Being the external wall being part of the cause, the cost is luckily borne by the management and not me. Though the rubber seal replacement do fall under my cost...sigh.

So they finally came yesterday to erect the scaffolding and my goodness, these "Shifu" (experts) never fail to impress me. HK scaffolding is truly an art, not to mention environmental friendly. The way they risk their lives to earn a living. How they manage to erect the bamboo structure in the middle of the building, and from scratch never failed to amaze me, knowing where to lay the foundation and build from it. They made it look like a breeze too!

 Scadffolding is not cheap though. Just for errecting a 3 window wide scadffold will set one back by HK3000 . Still considering the risk they take, I'm happy to fork out the money.

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