Monday, October 28, 2013

HongKong DJ scolding 16 Year old gal (who deserved it)!

I had shared this in my FB but I thought what the heck I should share this on my blog too, it's waaaaaaaaaay too good not to share this.

I love and support this HK DJs. For those who don't understand Cantonese, in short: after listening to this gal whining about being dumped after 4 dates, the DJs dished out frank, brutal honest advice to an naive 16yo who had no understanding that her wanton behavior will cause her eventual downfall if she don't wise up about her reckless sexual behavior with guys she met online since she was 14...

Actual conversation translation

Basically this 16yo waitress called in to complain about being dumped by this guy she has dated after 4 days. She admitted to knowing him online. The DJ point blank asked if they had intimate relationship and she confessed to taking him home for sex. The horrified DJ asked don't her parents know and she said they were out. They probed how many times they dated before she consented to the sex and she said after the 3rd date.

As more facts surfaced, the DJ became concerned about her attitude because they were trying to talk sense to her, asking her did she consider about her life in general (as in what she wants to do etc) but all she was focused upon was that she didnt expect to be dumped and that the jerk was going around dating other gals and saying the same lies to them.

At this point, the DJ told her they couldnt care less what the guy did because it's his life, and he has the right to date anyone he likes. Plus, for her to easily go to bed with someone after 4 dates, the guy has every right to also assume she is loose (a player) and goes to bed easily with ANY men she meet. The gal tried to defend herself, claiming she has self respect and the DJ asked her when did she first had sex and she said 14yo. They asked if she used contraception, She claimed no. She went on to claim she is very faithful but just that the guy wasn't nice to her. The DJ asked her at some point, what did she think she will be doing in 15years down the road, the gal laughed and said prob a mother. The DJs mocked her more like "mama san" right? She was still defending her self but The DJ interrupted her and told her.
“Judging from the way you talk, your behavior, your train of thoughts, I feel there is only a few possible endings for you. Either you will become an unwed mother down the road, or you will be so sexually used/ exploited by some man in the future that you will reach a bitter conclusion that ALL men are jerks, and you will stop believing in all guys, and end up spiraling down a very rocky path. And you will amount to nothing for the rest of your life.

At this point, the gal still don't get it and still revert back to the topic on the guy. That Maybe its for the best and better that she will meet another better guy.

The DJ interrupted her again and said "I’m talking about your future. It’s very dark. Have you thoughts about your future? Think carefully how you want to live your life!!"

The DJ asked if she used protection such as condoms and she said no. The DJ got upset and told her if she thinks that is perfectly fine, there is something wrong with her attitude. The DJ went further and asked her what if she had fallen pregnant? The girl naively said keep the baby. The DJ asked then who will raise the kid? You? She replied "Of course the guy must pay for it" The DJ asked what if he said No? That he doesnt want the baby? She went high pitched and demanded "What does he mean no. He has no choice and cannot say no." The DJ reminded her but that's reality, the man can SAY NO and TAKE no responsibility even if she is knocked up. The gal then argued she will "get friends" (implied gangs) to talk to him. The DJ then mocked her and said "If you are all that great with gang fren, then why the hell are you still serving as a waitress?" She was still defending her stupid point of view but the DJ cut her off and told her he doesnt want to talk about her BGR problems because she is completely on the wrong track. What he wants to scold her and do is to wake her up and think about what she should be doing with her life and that being so young, she should be cherishing opportunities in life, go for upgrades ( she claimed she has good grades but she chose to work instead).

Towards the end, the DJ finally "exploded" and told her this.
"Didn't your parents teach you anything?
You gal don't care about what you did wrong and all you care about is the love aspect.
Don't refute me, listen to me properly. (they must have cut her audio off at this point)

There are many other 16 yo out there who are now happily attending school, maybe have a happy puppy love like going out, bake a cake etc, just happily going about without any problems.
U on the other hand, completely have no self respect and self love. You know guys from online, had sex since 14yo., and think there is nothing wrong with it. This society has laws. (referring to underage sex) You had unprotected sex, and you think this is self respect? This is more akin to suicide. Whatever you did, you had no thoughts to the consequences. If the guy has AIDS, you are already a possible goner. Your life will be ruined. You need to think for yourself. If you don't like school, go find something to enrich yourself or learn a skill to improve yourself. I would just assume your parents did not know how to raise you right, you need to start thinking for yourself. For everything that has been said to u, the ONLY person that will reap benefit from it is just you. Be a useful person. At the rate you are going, from my point of view, you are only going to end up as a whore. "
Another DJ piped in to remind her to stop this spiral downwards in her life. Another DJ sigh it’s really hopeless and commented she will end up as beggar if she continues this way…

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