Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday present for my man...or toys for me? Hahaha

I am probably more excited than my man about the birthday present I had bought for him.

I remembered having us admiring the display in the Kings & Country shop@Pacific Place about a year ago, looking through the various figurines and tankers etc. So I figured for a person with lack of wants, this should be a nice present that we will both like, though technically it's for him. hahaha!

I am pretty sure though I will get more kick out of it, assembling the model together and creating the war scene:) Just exactly my kind of fun! Even purchasing the thing took me about an hour because I was trying to decide what scene and soldiers will work. These things are NOT cheap by the way. However they are really quality product and worthy of display. I was quite excited that the rover could actually move...

These actually remind me of my childhood days when my brother would buy a pack of plastic soldiers and we will create those war scenes, using a rubber hitting the soldiers to renact the bombing scene. That was really fun because then u get to make all sorts of imaginary "bom" or "dying" sounds. I never did get why gals like barbie because I didnt grow up playing with them. I prob had one Barbie, not because I liked the barbie or to play with it, but I was more intrigued that its dress could glow in the dark and its glowing shoes. I wanted to figure out how that worked...though I never did. Ha! I was just such a sucker for glow in the dark stuff back then. 

I really should have been born a guy... or maybe this is just what happens when you are raised with 2 much older brothers and half your childhood and school days are spent with only guys who had enjoyed and talked about their army days for my listening pleasures. You get converted. Hahahaha.

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