Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 June: Gardening Novice Minding Her Biz up the Roof

Been scorching hot for a whole week here in HK n my Cory plants are half dead from heat steam, despite being in the shade!!!. Its almost sad to look at them...

It's a good thing I visit and tend to my plants at least once a day because really, you never know what creepy crawly you might find on them out of the blue. I was blind sided by this nasty spikey furry black, yellow and red stripes caterpillar on my rosemary few days back and on my chilli plant today! 

I caught them a little late on my rosemary so they had a good feast before I washed them down the pipes. I swear these caterpillars have invisible wings or something coz they would magically & unsuspectingly pop up from nowhere!! 

As for chilli plant, I manage to catch it at the base of the stem and since I didn't see any bitten leaves with holes, I must have caught that leaf muncher in the nick of time. 

When I tried to poke and prod the caterpillar off the stem, the damn bastard crawled so fast as if its on skates with many legs. I suppose when ur life depends on a quick getaway, there really is no mucking around:) Much to it's dismay, This chilli plant owner managed to flick it off to the basin and I started the flood gate of hell for the bugger. It was interesting in a way, to see the caterpillar examining it's surrounding n circling around as he realised the water is gushing towards it from all directions. Poor little fellow finally realised resistance is futile and off it went, swept into the drainage pipe as the water swirled around...bye bye leaf muncher! I leave u to ur fate in the sewers...

Meanwhile, I brought my basil back indoors last week coz of the amber rain and it didn't quite like it. I thought it was looking too bushy n gave it a trim but the little green monster decided it didn't like it's new look. So the spoilt brat decided to up the game n grew more leggy on me! Ended up now it is Looking abit weak and draggy. My man did laugh n said I have turned my basil from herbs to ornamental plant....not before having his plucking of a handful for our spaghetti sauce. 

So I brought Sulky Basil up again for some sun, and to have some play time with his green brothers n sisters, cousins n all. Maybe it's just my imagination but it def looks more perky up here basking in the setting sun, blue skies n chilling breeze. Spoilt brat.

Sulky basil towering over his teeny weeny cousin Oregano. 

I don't even want to go there. 
Let's just say Hong Kong's amber rain has been merciless and lavender def do not like torrential downpour. I might as well have said I have invented clayish lavender water in a pot:( 

Oh back to chilli plant. 
Funny how the 6 seeds are growing up so differently, with different speed sizes and health. 

The 2 plants moved from indoor to outdoor is suffering from stunted growth, curled baked leaves ( immense heat n indirect sun is still bad idea) so they remained in their small pot n hopefully will catch up soon.  The other 4 pots seemed to be thriving n one possibly flowering soon, with a flower bud in the horizons. The leaves are incredibly huge now, longer than my fingers now!

I won't count my eggs, or chilli yet but exciting this is!!  Will my plant get to flower? Hope the weather doesn't play up on me to cause their demise!!! 

Meanwhile, my oregano herb seemed to be growing well...I think it has grown bushier in 2 weeks judging from the three pictures. Didn't realise it like a drought like environment till belatedly... We learn something everyday. 

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