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May 2014: 678 Korean BBQ, Sydney

May 2014

Sorry about the jumbled order but here's back to blogging about ozzie trip
By chance, we came across this Korean BBQ place near our service apartment as we were lazy to venture further beyond walking distance joints. 

To my surprise "678" Korean BBQ is highly popular in SYdney with both tourists n locals. I suppose having been on Running Man program had done it favors in terms of online search popularity

Evidently, a lot of Korean super stars have been here based on the wall of fame

Generally when a F&B joint has been overhyped by celeb patronage, I often find myself not liking the food a lot. However, seeing that it's late at 7.30pm and we are already in mid Q, might as well try it out. Plus the fact that the whole place is run by Koreans n plenty of Koreans patronage, I'm assuming the food has not been bastardised to suit the western palatte too much.

Upon arrival, it's important to get a ticket number and not just join the Q u see before you. After which you are free to sit of the waiting bench or stand around till a server come looking for you while confirming (matching) your ticket tub number. 

We waited for about 20mins n swiftly seated. The place is huge by the way. 

On the table, there's a quick guide on using the assortment of condiments. 

The menu had a good spread of various meat and cuts. I was starving and so we ordered beef ribs, marinated chicken thigh with chilli and premium pork belly. I could simply not pass up on my spicy tofu seafood soup. 

While waiting, we were served this free steam egg custard soup and I love the simple savoury sweet taste! Yum!!

The meat came with the vege sides and corn. Nice! They would also change the grill plate when they noticed it's getting too grubby.

our spread

Kick arse good spicy tofu seafood soup

my sizzling premium pork belly

The premium pork belly was sizzling goodness with natural sweetness (and not very fatty) but the beef was "meh" not great & on chewy side. Our fav was actually the spicy chicken thigh! Tender spicy good!

The spicy seafood tofu soup was AWESOME and definitely something I would order repeatedly! It has not been diluted in its flavor to suit the westerners so that is why I love it!

Between the two of us, we prob over ordered n could barely finish our food but I'm glad I tried almost everything and was highly satisfied!!!! Love it in fact n would fed be back!!!

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