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19 Jun: Idiotic commenter who think the sun shine out of china people arse

Some people are just so idiotic. Got this today in response to my earlier post (which wasnt even china bashing in anyway) . Thanks for throwing the first punch so that I can have no reservations returning the favor in kind. 

"You are a rude bitch. You say Mainlander are Ching Chong Cheena ? Lol don't you know in usa regardless where do you come from if you looks chinese/east asian you would be called Ching Chong too. Some Singaporean Chinese think that they are better than Mainlander, but the fact is Mainland Girl/Guy are much better looking than your average Singaporean Chinese. This is what I hate from Singaporean/Hongkonger/Taiwanese. I am a Overseas Chinese but I don't think lowly of Mainlander, because in the end, all of us all 华人(it's Huaren, if you can't read Hanzi).
Maybe in a few years when PRC surpass usa as the biggest economy all of you would proudly say that you're Chinese, bla bla bla etc, yeah what a hypocrite." 

Firstly, I wanted to mock & laugh because this "delusional" writer, assuming that if China is super power overtaking USA, that many including myself will kow tau to these "still" uncivilised Chinese who behaves like animals who have no qualms about defecating on public streets (post). Firstly, get your facts right. I dont like them not because they are poor or because they are not first world country. I dont like them because they behave like rude arseholes out of their country, bringing with them their undesirable habits and culture and EXPECT other nationalities to accommodate them when they are no longer in China.  

Yeah sure, Americans or westerners don't or can't really tell us apart from looks, yes I agree. However u missed the point, they generally can tell by behaviour. Go ask those with Chinese exposure (not just those who don't even have a passport) and they will bound to tell u China folks come to mind if they see an ethnic Chinese behaving badly. They are also part of the equation forming non Chinese haters in case your small mind fail to comprehend. 

Oh please, only morons like u will think everyone rushed to adore, suck up or be Chinese wannabe based on economic power. No thank you, it's a bane to be associated with such badly behaving china people and will be viewed as a bad joke by many in Hong Kong n many countries of civilised well bred Chinese. 

Plus u are a real pea brain hypocrite.
U obviously are confusing race with nationality as well. 

On one hand u act all "enlightened" that u don't think lowly of mainlanders because we are all so call ethnic Chinese 華人, and then in the same breath u claim to hate us Singaporeans, HongKongers & Taiwanese. Eh did u realise how ignorantly stupid u just sounded? Can u differentiate race vs nationality or not? Proud as a Ethnic Chinese, of course I am but that has NOTHING to do with china being super power or not. It's the virtues of being Chinese that I'm proud of, our values, our motto, our traditions. NOT because China is or isn't super power u misguided fool.

My views of mainlanders will change the day their behaviour change but like I said to my frens, prob many generations later ( and it is widely assumed we will not see the change in our lifetime). Like not spitting, not screeching loudly, not shouting across walkway or anywhere ignoring others, not lifting up tshirts or shirts to scratch their fat belly, not assuming everyone should treat them like GOD because they spend money in HK, not act like desperate beggars swiping milk powder etc off the shelves, not behave like 7thmonth hungry ghost buying in bulks n stuff into their luggage bags at checkout points blocking others, not treat their children like kings (or dogs) to pee n shit every where including in fine dining restaurants, not cut Q, not shout at people who tell then to Q, not think the world revolve round them just because they are descendants or fucking dragon (or worm...), not act like bunch of hooligans in other people country,not act like 潑婦, 仗勢欺人,滿嘴歪理,得勢不饒人in other people country, not black hearted to go around poisoning the world with their tainted products etc.  I think I have summed up the tip of ice berg. ( FYI: oh yes, my Chinese language goes beyond 華人)

In case it isn't clear enough for u, what I have listed is behavioural problems not race, stemming from the cultural great divide from China (or lack of culture after the end of cultural revolution), nothing I have EVER posted is about me not wanting to be or ashamed as an ethic Chinese (by race). What I said is I don't want my NATIONALITY to be mistaken as PRC. What's wrong with that? I'm not born there and i don't owe china any allegiance. So by your definition, other people CANNOT not like China as a country based on their people's bad behaviour? Do u even understand what u are arguing about? 

Go ahead and hate us Singaporeans or Taiwanese because we look at current china people with great contempt n disdain, because we point out their persistent bad behaviour ( to the point their own govt have to create a good manner handbook for travellers). 

U can go suck their balls, get rich whatever. We don't care and we don't need you to tell us how to shape our views. Plus, I don't care if YOU think they look prettier than us Sg girls/ guys. Yah they do or they don't, so? We are not talking about 虛有其表。If they are going to behave badly, dressed in Prada and face of polished makeup with fake lashes, they are still worthless if they only look good on the outside n empty on the inside 沒內涵 esp it comes to social behavior. That said of coz there will be pretty n smart ones but that's like ahem. Plus, if i continue to see mainlanders dressing like that (post), I would still call spade a spade, ching chong cheena. U are welcome to embrace their dress sense such as this, but that's you. I dont have to share the same dress sense appreciation as you.  

If china people would like people to show them more respect, then perhaps if they stop holding a chip on their shoulder, trying to tower over others, shouting at everyone, then perhaps they might earn the respect they crave. Until then, they just have to live with the just desserts based on their behavior which is generally condemned by many. 

Incidentally, I like Thai, Vietnamese n Cambodian people and they are not superpowers n prob won't be for a while.  So for a moronic commenter who thinks people view will be changed solely because of how china fare on the international platform is really a big mental loser and superficial idiot, who incidentally don't grasp the meaning of hypocrite very well. Hypocrite is when I pretend to like them but I don't deep down. However, truth is, I never liked them since I was 10, and worsen and reinforced after living in Hong Kong. Sure there are nice china people, esp those educated overseas which I complimented upon, learned from or chat with but these are few and rarer than blue diamonds.  

To explain what hypocrite is more succintly for you. Hypocrite are all those China freaks who sell out their country, give up their passport or take up PR status with other countries, pretending to switch national allegiance to the adopted nation but conduct their businesses or celeb publicity stunt as Chinaman but when they earn enough money, they will give up loyalty to their new adopted nation and flock back to mainland. Why dont you go call people other budding China celebs hypocrite for trying to appeal to China market at but happy to ditch their china passport at the same time for their personal convenience? THAT, my friend is hypocritical behavior, making decisions that is best for themselves at the expense of their native mainland nationality.That there are common mainlanders who are willing to sell their soul or treat nationality as a business transactions for their personal benefits are the real hypocrites in these world and ready to run back to China after milking the system of their adoptive country with no intention of integrating with the society. Hypocrites are those china folks who condemn Japan all the time but yet happy to buy Japanese milk, eat Japanese food, travel Japan at the first instance. Those mainlanders who flee China in the past and now encouraging their children to milk the growth of China are the real hypocrites of the world.Hypocrites are people who cast stones at Japan for whitewashing WW2 but yet unable to face squarely at Tiananmen incident where innocent blood was shed IN CHINA. Those china people who lie, scheme and cheat to get ahead to earn more money are the real hypocrites of the world, so dont you purport to know what hyporcrite is.

Though I have no real needs to justify nor clarify to ur random stones casting, when people ask such as times in Australia, my reply is simply I'm enthic Chinese by race, not Chinese nationality and will continue to maintain that for as long as I live. Do I want to travel to China, no. Do I want to work in China even with good jobs prospect, I turned it down. Do I accept Chinese tenants just because they think they can buy me over with 30-40% higher than market price, the answer is also flat no. Highest bidder means nothing, what I look for is someone I can trust and entrust my home in good care. I wont blink for money, and neither will I blink if China becomes super power tomorrow. For the same reason i would say i can speak mandarin and never say I can speak Pu Tong Hua. So I have n will never be a hypocrite n have a pretty clear conscience.

Meanwhile, stop being such an uptight donkey or get your panties in a bunch just because I had previously posted that I would rather prefer to be mistaken as Vietnamese/ Thai than PRC. Go out and get some fresh air. If u have so much free time to lecture others (or calling me nasty names) about my bad impression of badly behaving Mainlanders or that I rather not be identified as one of them, then I suggest u should go china and teach them manners first instead of braying uselessly at me.

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