Sunday, June 22, 2014

20 Jun: So sad. Loss of another good staff

Went back to my old place to collect some letters and govt bills, only to discover that the management office supervisor in charge Peter has left! The new young chap looked a little clueless. 

I asked when did Peter leave and the young chap looked uncomfortable and said yesterday. Which was rather strange since he had only just emailed me last week to collect my letters n mentioned nothing about his last day. 

When I stepped out of office, I bumped into the cleaning lady. As usual, she was all smiles and asked after me and so I stayed on to chat with her abit as usual before I had moved.

She asked if I knew Peter has left. I told her I had only just found out 3 seconds ago. I was told that the departure was nothing short of a surprise really and caught them off guard. It was a last min thing and Jones Lang people even sent someone down to watch him pack n leave and so he didn't have a chance to say bye to other colleagues. It was absolutely shocking. 

As the conversation progress, the cleaning lady got progressively upset and started tearing. She has nothing but praises for Peter which many points I agreed. She said he was a great understanding boss, often standing in for others, personally involved in many of the complaints, often missing lunches to handle work, and rather than having the cleaning lady wait to claim back money for purchases (eg rat poison etc) , he would pay her first so that she doesn't lack money. 

I could tell she was really upset and all I could do was to give her a good hug to comfort her. Before I left, I promised to pop by as n when and next time I shall bring snackies for her:)

From a resident point of view, I knew he was always being sandwiches between unreasonable residents and upper management. He often found himself in a situation where he cannot say no to resident demands when he should since the upper management will undermine him. I have never seen him get mad and always tries to help. So I'm not sure why he was ousted out so unceremoniously.

I did sent a short text to him asking if he was Alrite. He replied "這是命運安排,緣起緣滅,有得亦有失,因有協議,我未能透露個中原委,待日後我會作說明。深深感謝各位愛戴,「天行建,君子自強不息」我會繼續奮鬥。" and since contractually he was binded to keep silent on the matter, he couldn't say why he was asked to leave but hoped for a chance one day in future to clear the air. Meanwhile he had gone camping n sent me pictures of his trip. 

Apart from his departure, another lady security guard was promoted and sent to another condo. We ended up having a bunch of new security guards. Not that it matters since I am living elsewhere now but still Quite sad coz I really liked my old guards and the lady security guard was one of the few who actually expressed genuine sadness when she first learnt about my impending move. I rem when We were moving out, she ran towards me to hug me goodbye on my last day there. Well, at least we did get to say our proper good bye back in feb. 

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