Sunday, June 22, 2014

21 Jun: Post Op

This gotto be one of the worst day-op I had. Unlike the previous times where I woke up feeling fine n happy after GA, this time round I was bloody shaking in cold and first time ever to puke an hour after I woke. I can't rem ever being so bad previously. 

Interestingly as I told my man, the puke didn't taste too bad since there was no putrid food but a lingering taste of lychee, which happened to be the last thing I ate the night before. 

My mouth was sore and the back of my throat hurts. They scraped the top of my mouth too which hurts. Damnit. Gonna take a week to heal I bet. My arm wasn't bruised from the injection but the arm was all red from the blood pressure wrap throughout the op. Didn't realise an hour wrap can cause such "bruising". 

Anycase the funny thing was the nurse couldn't measure my pulse no matter how many times she tried. So she asked the nurse who had checked me in in the morn. The young nurse replied "yah we couldn't measure anything in the morn. She has no pulse." 

The senior nurse immediately corrected her "OF COURSE she HAS a pulse!!! We can't measure it that's all. The young nurse realised her boo boo n kept quiet. If I wasn't so groggy there n then, I would have burst out laughing! 

Was so hungry when I woke that I had a bowl of soup, scoff down chicken
Pho and a plate of spicy wings. I don't know if I will ever pay for not watching my diet but too hungry to care. 

My man was a gem to make soup dinner so that I can sleep as I was awake since 5am and we didn't get to check out till 1.30am waiting for accounts dept to get the bill ready. 

As expected, had ulcer n sore throat when I woke this morn. Otherwise am back to happy self though still sleepy. I could be imagining it but my teeth look a shade more yellow:( 

More depressingly, my massage lady asked me "Have u grown fatter esp ur thighs?"

Oh no!!!!! 

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