Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Nov: sacking maid part 1

I knew the stupid one couldn't last long if I keep exposing her mistakes. She's the kind of useless emo type who is so self righteous. 

So after repeated days of pointing out her mistakes, she finally call it quits herself or perhaps she thought she can use "termination" to blackmail me. Too bad, I don't get threaten by your stupidity. So I told her I accept. The story goes 

Monday is grocery shopping day and again instead of asking my husband for money, she hassled me again. I got really fed up coz I'm tired n was rushing to prep milk n there she is again, bloody hindering me. I asked her "next time can u ask sir for money and stop asking me in the morn?" It's like she think I'm
Damn free? I ask her where's the shopping list and meal list. She gave it to me and i was fed up again 

After 3-4 days of telling her no chicken, she wrote "braised chicken" again. After telling her 3 days no chilli, she wrote "tofu with chilli" again. Told her just steam fish before and she wrote "braised fish ( which needs to fry first) is she an idiot? Wait. We have established that already. 

So I crossed out every thing and I looked at her shopping list. Again she wrote squid when we told her before, don't buy seafood unless you cooking that day. No where in Monday Tuesday dishes were there squid. There are 2 packs of new eggs, she still want to buy eggs. Tell her buy green vege, she still buy bean sprout and hairy gourd. See what I mean by stubborn mule? 

After I cross out her rubbish list, I left money on table for her. My mil walked to me saying she cooked congee for everyone. I told her to check with maid lunch menu. My mil asked n came to me "I dunno what she is saying she's mumbling. I think she say beef and chicken." "I thought I told her no chicken???? Please tell her no chicken"

I was rushing off to feed baby m take him to see doctor so I didn't bother to question my mil further. Just before I left home, I didn't trust my maid so I went kitchen to look. I asked her "what r u cooking for lunch" she just replied "beef"

Me: what beef? Can you please describe and elaborate how u r cooking the beef. I don't understand you. 
Maid: (silence) took a plastic bag n dump the contents on table showing enoki mushroom. 
Me: so u r doing beef roll wrapped enoki. Can u don't pan fry just grill

Then I left. 
I came home with baby first while my mum go wet market to get fish n soup ingredient. I put the baby to sleep n came lunch, I saw braised chicken next to beef. 
I waited till I finish lunch n she was clearing plate to ask "how come there's chicken? I Thot my mil told you no chicken?" My maid said "oh nai nai says she wants to eat chicken" I don't believe her but I kept quiet n walk away.

My mil came back ate her lunch but chicken remained untouched. I asked my mil "I Thot u told her no chicken?"  My mil said "I did. I told her but she say she wants to cook chicken coz the chicken in fridge very long already. So she ask me can I eat the chicken. I told her if she must cook chicken then I eat abit but the rest of family coughing and will not eat."

So u see the difference? My mil will not lie. She will not change story. Yet my maid version n my mil Varies n I believe my mil. I didn't confront stupid one. I just mark it down. 

My mil wanted to cook soup and fish for dinner. I was helping her prepare and making her fruit juice for her. I just ignore the useless one. We were in the kitchen happily chit chatting n ms tantrum went to her room and shut the door. I went to open the door coz when door is close there is no air movement n kitchen is hot. To my annoyance, the bitch lock the door. We told her before unless she is changing clothes, she cannot lock the door esp since we also need to access laundry area n our handy tools are there. I knocked on the door twice no response. So obviously not changing. I repeated knock on the door still no response. I was pissed. I walked out to look for maid keys. Just as I found it, the bitch open the door. I walk back to kitchen and saw she paste this huff puff note on the door. 

In short she wants me to terminate her because she says I'm not happy with her work and she is very stress and she is not perfect. She say she try her best. 

In my head I think if this is your best, bless u when u r not. 

So I told her "I accept your resignation. U tell me the dates". I went to the room to print out official letter template from HK immigration labour division. 

I knew bitch expect me to terminate her but I refuse. I insist it's resignation. She stood there defiant refusing to sign saying that she wants termination. I told her she raised the issue of not able to work so she is the one resigning. I will not write as terminate. She will carry on working as I demand if she don't resign. She keep shaking her head saying no, she wants to be terminated saying she wants to find new employer. I refuse to back down either. 

The reason I refuse to state terminated is this. If terminated I have to pay her off during the one month notice if I want her out of my house earlier. If she resign, I only need to pay her till the last working day. If she choose to leave early then she has to pay me back the 1 month notice remainder. I don't intend to benefit her esp when she has been pissing me off. 

She keep saying she's stressed and say when she need to pay for the kitchen sink cover. 

I was irritated n retorted" do u have bad English? Do u know how to read? I wrote if you damage the sink cover again the NEXT time, u will pay for new one. I didn't ask you pay for this one did I?" She cried n keep saying in raised voice "why I pay. I not intentional. It's not my fault the screw came off"

So I replied "when did I ask u to pay for this time? Did u pay? No. Did I take money from you? No. Did you get money deducted? No. So don't you accuse me of making you pay. I wrote NEXT time. I don't care if it's intentional or not because u damage, you pay. It's in the contract. Your job is to be careful. It's your job to make sure everything is in proper condition. It's your job to make sure you are not careless. I just bought this 2 weeks ago and u telling me you cannot tell the screw is loose? You didn't even bother to check. So I highlight to you your mistake now and warn u next time same mistake you pay. Why should I have to pay for your mistake repeatedly?"

She keep saying not intentional and shd don't have so much money to be deducted and I told her "then DONT be careless. If you are careful who will deduct your money? But your problem is if I tell you nicely you don't care or you forget. You don't respect me and my instructions. How many times did I make you pay for your other mistakes? Everytime you forget to buy things, or take things you bought, I have to pay for your bus trip $12. Did I make you pay for the bus? No. But my point is why should I be paying repeatedly for your carelessness? One time 12$. 10 times 120$. I can buy a lot of food with 120$. U are wasting my money and did I say anything to you? No. So don't you dare complain about me warning you from now on not to repeat your mistakes.

To be cont

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Veron said...

Ha! She's not that stupid after all on that termination/resignation part...

So in conclusion, she just act blur..