Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 Nov : I think I'm almost done with my maid

I can't exactly point a reason, but I really dislike my maid. I'm not sure if it's her constant blackface when you point out her mistake, throw her tantrum or the fact she like to Question my instructions, or she is so damn forgetful and careless that it grates my nerves because that means I cannot relax around her. 

I try my best to close one eye when she falls short. That means working around her stupidity. For example
1. She consistently fail to top up my hot water thermal flask so that means I have to eat into my precious sleep time every night after midnight to fill up 3 flasks, and 2 drinking container. That's at least 20mins - 30mins gone 

2. I told her repeatedly not to pay for plastic bags but use recycle bags at home when grocery shopping at supermart. I showed her the mountain load of bags we have. There must be at least 20 bags of various sizes and thickness. Yet, just 2 days after I reminded her, she still went ahead to ignore my instructions and come back with plastic bag. If it was a very busy day I can understand but no, yesterday we gave her half day morn time off to
Go mongkok to fix her faulty phone (which she use to chat with her friends not for us). We were out the whole day so she didn't have to cook lunch. So there was no rush and yet she just conveniently ignore my requests. 

3. I told her out cooking knives set is very expensive. So please wash and dry immediately and put it back in the rack. Several times I caught her dumping my knives with pointed end downwards into the metal cutlery holder. She already blunt one knife but I gave her benefit of doubt but repeatedly she did it. I lead by example that everytime I use the knives, I would wash it myself n dry keep it but she still "forgets" or can't be bothered. To work round that and prevent myself from getting upset repeatedly, I took ALL my good expensive knives away n store in the baby food prep cabinet n leave her the crappy ikea knife and the good knife she blunted that she can abuse all she wants. To work with stupid mindless people like her, it's pointless being understanding n patient. I think 5 months is enough time to give her benefit of doubts n chance to correct her ways.

4. I told her my husband does not like her meat patties and don't cook that for him for meals. My husband has even told her himself. Yet repeatedly she put it as one of the dish in the meals planner I told her to write. So one morn last week, always at my busiest, she ask me to vet the list. I told her sir don't like meat patties why are u cooking that? It's not like she was asking first then buy ingredients. It's she already bought it and expect us to eat it anyway. Otherwise the ingredients goes to waste right? She give me black face when I told her to think of another dish. Too tired to talk to stubborn moron. So I told her "if u don't believe me, u can ask sir yourself when he wakes up if he wants to eat your meat patties

So she actually waited for an hour for him to wake. 

She asked him herself n my husband said no. No meat patties. She quietly slink out of the room n didn't say anything as she walk past me. I stopped her n asked "so does sir wants to eat your meat patties?" She said "no" with a stupid smile and went to kitchen. At that moment , I ask myself. "Why do u think u would know my husband better than I do? U r only here 5 months. Who do u think u r to try to overrule my decision or instructions?" I think that really rub me the wrong way that she actually thinks she might be correct n wait to ask my husband rather than just follow my request to cook another dish. 

5. Cooking. We repeatedly told her add less salt. She again either has a bloody plastic tastebud it again refuse to follow instructions. The chicken was so salty none of us inclusive of my in laws who like salty food can eat it. This must be the 5th time. I had it. I told my husband to tell her to strike the dish off the menu forever since she just won't listen. After we told her we won't eat it, she bothered me again hours later when I'm busy prepping baby milk to ask "wat to do with chicken". I told her "throw! No one can eat it" she looks clearly unhappy. I should be more unhappy coz that's like hk$80 down the drain for the chicken thighs. 

6. Told her don't put chilli in cooking coz my in laws don't eat spice. Ignore me. I felt bad when my in laws started to cough and choke at food at the chilli spice. In my head I was thinking "u fking bitch. U write on the fridge no chilli but still cook chilli" I was very upset with her even though my in laws didn't say much. But u know they reach their limits too when they rather eat out.

7. Repeatedly we tell her buy food or groceries, again, never inform us when she didn't buy it. My husband open the cabinet n asked me" where's the cereal?" I told him ask the stupid one. He wrote a note in the morn to ask her. Again she ignore his note and said nothing. I'll see what her moron excuse is later. 

8. I have shown her n told her to use hangers to hang to dry clothes. She repeatedly ignore n just clip the clips on the rack. The fan though on wasn't even blowing at the clothes but into empty space. U don't call that stupid? The reason I told her is clothes won't dry properly n will stink if she do it her way. Don't listen. 

So last night, I am so sick of talking to stupid one that I wrote down all the things she failed to do n the way to do it correctly. This morn she read the note but of course miss tantrum not happy and started to bang around the kitchen when she washes the plates. If that's not deliberate, I swear pigs will grow wings n fly. 

Last night I told my husband, I don't think I can last very long with this stupid tantrum cow. My quality of life is affected and she's constantly upsetting me. I don't feel peaceful. He said he leave it to me since she doesn't bother him much as he doesn't have to deal with her. So we decided to start looking again for new replacement. I think life is too short to be constantly upset at some one who is hopeless. 

I realise I really need to let her go when she is affecting the kind of person I am. I actually lost all sympathy for her! I don't like this negative person she is turning me into. That's a dangerous slippy slope when one loses the feeling to empathise with someone else pain. I say that because the other night, she was in kitchen waiting for the grilled pork to cook. I walked into kitchen to get pot to cook baby food and wasn't even talking to her. She asked me the same question "wat time is dinner" my same repeated reply "same time" thinking u already grill the pork, it's almost done. How can I Change time even if I want to? As my back was turn to her, I didn't see it but I heard her went ouch ouch oh my god. I turn around to see her holding her hand. I  didn't need to ask but knew she burnt her hand again while day dreaming.

At that moment, I didn't feel sorry for her. Instead in my head I went "again? How stupid can one be to repeatedly burnt herself in few months and not learn?" No one was rushing or distracting her either. She stood there going ouch and I told her, run under cold water before she move. The first few times she burnt herself I was rather concerned. I would help Ice her n find cream. 5 months on when she did it so many times, i got numb n Immuned to her. I just walk out of kitchen after telling her "ice it" I didn't feel a thing and that night I kept pondering, how could I not feel a thing? 

I get upset over injured cats n dogs or abandoned strays. I would tear seeing I'll treated people and yet before me this person told me she burnt her hand again, I had no shred of emotion except "again?!?"

That's when I know I'm really done with her. If I cannot feel for her, that means she's really invisible to me n she's turning me to this awful person I don't like. 

Wish me luck on my search for a better maid.


Veron said...

Wish you best of luck in finding one!!

Good riddance!!

Veron said...

Best of luck in getting a new one! Good riddance to this incompetence one and stop wasting your energy and breath on her....

Nomad said...

Thanks! Yeah I really am so tired of talking to her that most communication are monosyllabic or via paper so I don't have to see her moronic face. It's oppressive when I can't even relax at home. Sigh. The hunt begins... So tired