Friday, November 6, 2015

6 Nov: the annoyance continues, part 2.

So while I was in the room with baby from 1.30-2.45pm, I have no idea what fucktard was doing outside since I didn't hear anything. 

I came out and she heard me and walk out pretending that she is going to start cleanin the living room. 

I asked her "Have you vaccum the carpets in living dining room?" She said "baby sleeping". I told her baby is not sleeping so she can vaccum before my in laws come back and want to watch tv. 

I finished saying that and was mashing baby food in dining room on the table when she starts to vaccum the dining room carpet. I look at her incredulously and asked "can u vaccum the living room first?" She replied "oh I finish here first." She just live to annoy me. I mean there's no one in living room and you cannot vaccum there first?? You just have to vaccum here when I'm prepping food and going to feed baby? you just keep demonstrating u r really brainless. 

So I told her off sternly "NO. U go vaccum living room first." The stupid one has the cheek to ask "oh only vaccum
Carpet?" I replied "of course you vaccum the WHOLE area right?!!!" Then she begrudgingly took the vaccum over. 

When I was feeding baby, she finish vaccum just as my in laws came back. They went marketing so that can make soup n steam fish tonight. We are sick of her cooking. She cook me chicken n prawns which are the worst food to eat when coughing. Plus the prawns are no good. So I didn't eat much lunch either. 

I notice the tissue box was almost empty. So I went to pantry to get new one while carrying baby. To my displeasure, the stupid one fail to follow my request to take all the boxes out from the packaging n stack them. I have told her nicely just few days ago to remove all the plastic because it's easier for me to grab a box when I'm rushing or with baby one hand. The fuckwit forgot again n didn't do wat I told her to. So I stood there and ask her "can u please remove all the plastic packaging? I told u before to remove it"
She stood there n still argue with me "oh let me vaccum first" I got really irritated with her. "I NEED the tissue now. Can you just go get it n remove the plastic"

The stupid one went to pantry grab a box  and put it on table. Then she wants to vaccum again when everyone was at the dining table. See what I mean she wants to do things HER way? I hand baby to husband n walk to pantry n the plastic packaging are all still there. She rather go  stand in living room waiting for people to
Leave from dining to vaccum then follow my instruction to spend 2 min to remove packaging. I swear I want to slap her. 

So in my pissed off mode, I remove all the plastic packaging and throw it on the floor. She can go pick it up. 

Guess what? She pick up the plastic and decided she won't vaccum anymore and went off to do other stuff when there's no one now in the dining room. I waited to see what she's up to and after half hour, still no sign of her. 

So I told my hubby to tell her to vaccum. I know I will yell at her if I were to face her. 

What do you call people like that? Stubborn Brainless fucktard. 

Thank god stupidity is not contagious.. 

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