Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 Nov: Follow man encounter with the stupid one

So after reading my note this morn, miss tantrum refuse to speak to me. Instead of 30mins, she took one hour to wash car.  Fine by me. The less I see your face the better. 

When my man woke up, I told him to ask the maid himself what happened to the cereal he requested her to buy 2 days ago, and again the query note he left her yesterday morn asking for cereal

I kept away from their conversation coz I can already predict what miss dumbarse will say. 

As expected, after my husband spoke to her (I overheard him saying "if you don't buy u need to tell me right?" ) her face was blacker than charcoal. 

My husband updated me an hour later after the stupid one left home making excuse she need to buy groceries. I didn't want to see her face so I let her go even though she has not done her chores. 

I asked him wat happened to his cereal since she refuse to explain to me. He said the stupid one said she went causeway bay and didn't see it. Hello? You know how many supermarkets there are in CWB? My husband said "you can get that everywhere what do u mean u don't see it? Also u need to come back, central Jason market is near the bus stop n u couldn't walk there to buy?" Then she changed her excuse that she forgot. 

My husband was annoyed by her attitude and told her "Look u need to tell us when you don't buy things that we instruct u n give money to buy.  For whatever reason u don't want to buy, u explain to us" she just kept quiet. She think keeping quiet is like super good of her. 

Anyone following my posts will know this is not the first time she refuse to tell us wat she didn't buy. Things for herself she will rem, for us she won't. My husband said to me " that's it. She's finished in my book. Gave her enough chances. We look for new help. This one is stubborn and stupid and nothing goes into that head" no common sense. 

My mother in law who is the nicest lady also weigh in that this maid has mood swings and black face. How dare she even give my in laws who did nothing to deserve her black face.

During interview we had specifically told her we don't want to see black face. We prefer open communication. Even after her first 2 tantrums, I told her I
Don't want to see black face but hey, does she care? No. When she was begging for a job, she of course will promise the sky. She forgets that we are not at her mercy, she is and this contract if terminated will be her 3rd unfinished job. Good luck on track record. 

So she went "grocery shopping" for 2 hours plus and just got back. She had NOT done any housework. I have already done 3 loads of washing laundry. The last load, I left it for her to hang. Even AFTER I wrote to HANG with clothes hanger, the MORON still clip the clothes to the hanger with the shirts upside down which is what I hate coz the water will pool down wards at the sleeves which is the hardest to dry and will stink. After correcting her for 5 months and she keep the clothes I hang for 5 months, you are THAT stupid to not see how it's being done not to Mention I have shown u and even write down instructions for you? If this is not deliberate defiant, then she is even more stupid than my dog. 

I text my husband that the rooms are not clean. His response was don't bother to talk to her, she's going to be sack. Only a matter of when. 

Honestly, I can't wait for that day to come. 


Veron said...

Hey dogs are smarter! Hahahaa!!

Nomad said...

Haha that's true!! I think my dog will feel insulted being compared to her