Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18 Nov: decision...

Spoke to my man about maid's request to let her continue working. 

We thought about it and debate the pros and cons. My personal stance is to release her but my hubby is more reluctant because he said I won't be able to cope with an increasingly demanding boy. He raised the issue of cooking and buying groceries and cleaning up after cooking. He said he doesn't have bandwidth to do all that. Even if we hire part time at hk70 an hour, it's gonna be very ex. But most of all, he said having gone thru 2 weeks of hell with baby refusing to sleep at night n both of us sick, it is handy to keep her on hand till we can find someone better.

But of course he recognise n agreed with the fact that this maid has broken out trust n that she frustrates us n it's something worth factoring in. She will undeniably revert to her ownself once she cannot cope if there's a slight change of norm.

So my husband propose to keep her with last warning, that the next time she throw tantrum, there will be no Speeches or conversation. Out of the house she goes immediately. Also, we will lay down terms that if we decide to hire additional help, she will shut up n don't complain n just work along. If she's not happy she can leave. 

It's not ideal but well I guess I have to try it out. No choice since unlike sg where hawker centered aplenty, HK is tougher where I live in central. I don't want to be spending hk200 every meal to eat out. 


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