Saturday, November 7, 2015

7 Nov: Stupid one continues to be/ act stupid

Even if the stupid maid is not tired of hearing, I'm sick n tired of repeating myself. 

HANG the fricking clothes and NOT clip upside down!!!!

The fuckwit still refuse or too stupid to understand the word Hang??? She knows how to hang her own clothes correctly but when it comes to my clothes, she suddenly become stupid and don't know how to hang?? Which part of the instructions "hang clothes with hangers, don't clip upside down" that she cannot understand??? 

I caught her doing it last night but my mil quickly hang it. Today just 5 mins ago, she did it again. No wonder her former Sg employer want to punch her. She deserves it. She is sooooo stupid and stubborn and gives u black face that you really want to slap her silly. It's worse than talking to the wall coz st least the wall don't turn black and give u the irritated look. 

I refuse to rectify it for her. I stand there and hold the hanger and told her curtly "HANG. NOT clip." She stare at the clothes like morons do and then took it from me. God, how can anyone be soooooooooooooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid????

Anycase, now that I know we are gonna rid her, I shall contain myself for a while longer still our plan B can materialise. 

Stupidity does kill. It can shorten ones lifespan even if not contagious. Now I can understand why some autistic or even normal kids with very high IQ gets frustrated with us average joe. Just dealing with ONE moron maid is bad enough.

Lunch, I had to go out buy congee. Stupid one cook chicken yesterday and even though my mil told her we cannot eat chicken (when she was prepping fish to steam n stupid one was lingering in kitchen to pretend to be useful) , stupid one still wants to cook chicken for lunch. I don't even want to talk to her and just kept the chicken back in fridge. 

My hubby told her don't have to cook for us, we will go buy. She only need to cook vege. 5 mins I walk into kitchen and stupid one wanted to cook rice without even checking with us. Stupid one thinks she's being smart. I stop her saying "don't need to cook rice"

She will pause 10secs then give black face and walk back her room. 

It's ok. Keep walking back your room. Pretty soon u will have no room to go to when I boot your sorry arse out. 

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