Thursday, May 19, 2005

Being matchmake by a cab? Well almost...

ts amazing. the roads are absolutely clear this morning!!! No serious. No jams, no honks. Fantastic! Cab driver said i was lucky, but i suspect it has more to do with the Jedi knights last nite….

didnt have a chance to doze off on the ride. chatty driver but i was fine. wasnt that tired anycase. certainly has been a long while since i chat with anyone with proficient mandarin. Its almost like conversing with my old mandarin teacher back in school, so nostalgic. No one speaks proper mandarin anymore these days…*guilty*
As with many cab drivers, no uncle, u thot wrong. i’m not heading to airport for work. And no uncle, neither did i graduated from overseas. I never figured out why the questions. Alamak, thot i’m pretty sgporean what! I can spew singlish anytime i want okie! Just a matter of time and place for it. heh:)

Anycase, by end of the triip, i now know my dear cab driver has 3 sons from the same uni as i did. The eldest is a fighter pilot, the second with NOL, a rising star now holidaying in states, and the youngest son in UK doing his degree. yes yes, they are all single. No no, i’m really not interested in them… as i politely declined his goood fatherly intentions…

As my boss just tried to peek over my laptop while i was furiously typing away, i shielded my screen and yelped "PAY PER VIEW!" Silly fool challenged me with his concealed hairy legs… bet he hasnt come across wax strip in his life…Luckily for him, phone rang to save the day.
Heh heh… wait he just wait.. Hoo Hoo.. he will soooo pay for it. Am sure allen wont mind my few nice sabos on her new hubby..haaa haa. Plus its pay back for all the horrid coffee stench he has been intoxicating my lungs and polluting my nice cubi with despite my severe notices… Hmmmpf >:( 

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