Sunday, May 8, 2005

Dinner after @Cliff

Tired! *Yawn* Been watching too much anime. Damn, canx wait to lay my hands on the next volume of Naruto!! Is it possible to sprain my eyeballs from watching too much TV?? Hmmm.. possibly.. bloody eye is hurting for a while.

still feeling the remains from last nite’s dinner @Cliff. Wasnt that fantastic. Definitely not worth the 9 grade from the best restaurant.. had to bloody wait for an hour before my entree was served and not without some hassling. Canx believe that waiter gave me a dumb line that i have to wait coz its "fresh seafood" restaurant. Like hell i shld be sooooooo impressed. Give me a break, i prob have dine at more "FRESH sea food" restaurant than he has worked in. I hate it when people tries to sound pompous and more impt than they really are. This dude really need some service training and they could learn a thing or 2 from Stillwater@Tas or Est @sydney in food and service… Ironically, the seafood didnt even taste that fresh and i spotted a dead marron on its bank in the display tank!! I could have died of laughing…if only i had my camera…fresh seafood huh….

Anycase, i prob wont head back there again. Alvin is such a better chef and serves better atlanta cod and i canx wait for his new relocated restaurant to be ready. Who says our local hardworking chef canx be better than these overseas trained chef? At least i know of one!

there, enuff bittaching for the day.. time to pamper mummy!

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