Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Perfect Score?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Normally, wont have paid much attention to the mothers’ chatters… but it was pretty hard to pretend to be deaf with a bunch of crackling behind me.

Apparently, one of the super mum was so elated that her son managed to "argue" for the half mark to attain that glorious 100% for his Chinese test. She was gleefully sharing her pride and beaming with joy while all the mothers went "Woooow" and nodding in furious approval. “Such a smart boy with GREAT potential” they said…


Potential of what?

To celebrate another potential overly self-importantbrat in the making?

For a Primary one child to gallantly demand the teacher to "return" that 1/2 points (with full parental support) just didnt seem right to me. Admittedly, 100% is definitely an admirable goal, but going all out to prove that one is always right (for a non worthy cause) isn’t a mentality that is befitting of a kid who is learning the ways of the world. It is with little wonder that being a teacher is such an uphill task nowadays.

Anycase, I couldn’t resist butting in with my query. “Shouldn’t it be more important for him to understand the teacher’s rationale for the penalty, and learn from his mistake than to just fight for perfect score?” The mums looked at me incredulously. “100 marks you know! Plus it’s a top school!!” I swore I could almost have rolled my eyes.

What’s the deal about 100 marks and perfection? Its not gonna make one a millionaire, its not essentially an indication of his IQ or EQ, and least of all, he’s not even going to remember this day, this paper that he scored a perfect score for, at least I know I didn’t.

Some people absolutely just shouldn’t have kids.

Perfection is flawed in theory.

In my opinion, these people are just raising Cain.

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