Thursday, May 19, 2005

Old Bat

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
think my thick pouty lips is having an effect on my slurring speech or Stan must be getting deaf and blind!!!!
asked him how he wannna celebrate his old and thirty, and he went huh,old and dirty?! Old Bat!! *haa haa*
wanted to screeched in laughter but i think 10’s abit early to share my chirpiness with my neighbor boss and director at the end of the corridor. Plus i havent had my sandwich yet, not to guitly mention that I still owe them 3 policies documentation…but its soooo dry..sigh.. *defeated*

anycase, asked stan if he wanted a chill out session or a hot and steammy BBQ with butterfly and Jazzy.. and like all men would say, "pluuuzzz, he rather have hot and steamy something else". Hot and Steamy BUNS of a fist more likely!! Sensing my possible "frosty hands of death" reaching over the cyberway, smartly he conceded chilling out is cool by him and drinks on him. *as i cracked my knuckles* heh. Just when i was being "appeased" and telling him i’ll firm up again for next sat, that terrible cheeky boy has the balls…
"haa haa. firm up smething? Nip tuck?"

I’m soooo gonna skin U next week!!!

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