Monday, May 16, 2005

One of those days

despair…absolutely bored to tears and munching guavas to keep myself occupied. Dun get me wrong, i’m not free (no no no boss, i’m not writing this for ur sake!! I swear), just bored with all the articles i have to write.. sigh. the two bacardi bottles definitely look more and more tempting with each passing minute..  maybe i shld chill it and then *hic*.. heh:)

2 freshies join the dept today. Another 2 female, tender, innocent fresh meat. The boys will be happi:)
Geezs, has it been that long? was i imagining that drift of school scent from them?!! Eeeeweee.. hope i dun have that bright eye gal kinda look when i first started work..Nnnnnah. i seriously doubt it.  Sooooo not me.

Good. Rain has stop. i shld so go jogging soon or i’m so gonna get those thunder thighs soon at the rate i’m idling around. Who was it who said it.. arh now i rem, there was this person who used to whine to me all the time that he rather die than grow fat. perhaps, its abt time i dangle that liner back at him… i dun think he’s gonna like that very very much, no no, i dun think he will like that very much at all. hee.

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