Saturday, May 14, 2005

Stop asking me for my number!

Ooo… another volunteered number. Oh, another one asking for my number.

I dun get it really, i dun. I mean, can someone tell me what its going thru those minds.. wait wait, dun tell me. Nnooooo, u canx be serious.. they actually think they are being initative!! Or maybe this is some code game. Ooooo.. shld i be sooo excited and call back? Now let me think about it… Hmmm… okie… there’s nothing much to read from the email.. wait let me see "care to be frens?" No intro, no witty comments. nothing. okie, shld i read between the lines? Oh wait, there must be a hidden secret or a code word somehow… I’m really Smart, i can definitely figure wat what these boys want by leaving a number trail..if only i can manage to decipher it. It will take time, too much effort, Skip. But..There must be something INTERESTING in this email or he wont have bothered to leave a number. is it a contest? Will i win a prize if i call? Hmm.. let me seee….

Christ! I just wish people will quit leaving their number and expecting me to be dishing out mine like some freebies…  If one can plaster dough on my forehead each time i groan in despair, i would have been able to serve a nation of pratas in one month with all these incoming spam. All the boring subject and strings of "hi", and one wonders why we need to instil creativity into our education module… sigh..

anycase, off to better things…rob and amber lost the race… damn.. so close…i wish they won. I dunno why everyone’s giving rob such a hard time.  Its reality TV, everything is spiced up to make it interesting. People shld stop being so naive and think everyone shld be nice in a race. In comparison, some one shld so shoot the balls out of that POW schmuck.

And if u people out there havent come across this site, check it on. Unofficial reviews on the amazing race. Absolutely Hilarious!
Longing for the coming long weekend! Yahhhooooo!! Sun, Sand, Sea! Freaking turning like some sick fair chicken after missing out on the sun for so long.. i can almost see the pores on my back! Nah, just kidding. heh. Still, this fairness thingie is so unbecoming.. gotto rid it soon.
okie okie… i better give it a rest or my eyes gonna pop again. 25 more epi to go for FMA! Yipppeee. Now.. whereever is my nightie cap…

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