Monday, May 30, 2005

Galfren's big fat wedding day!

Monday, May 30th, 2005
woke up in major panic at 6.30am. I am sooooo late. fk. No time to do makeup and shit. guess i ‘ll ve to do it within the 20mins ride. its soooo gonna streak and the freaking brushes are all falling apart.
am suppose to hit pam’s place by 7.30am before the groom reaches her place. I’ll be damn if i’m stuck outside the gate with the guys! I will be the loser bridesmaid in history to be bargaining outside the gate!!!No way!!!!

Phew! Made it in time though half an hour later than intended!! The other 2 gals had allready come up with some tekan plans but we thot it wasnt good enuff.

Forgot to bring the wax strips and the boys are soooo lucky esp CK. He shld be thankful that i woke up late or this will be the most painful best man job he ever volunteered for!! heh.

The boys looked really good in their suit and all. Yummy! haaa haaaa. However, It wasnt much fun since they had an old grouchy witch with them to nag us gals abt auspicious time blah blah. the gals just ignored her till she was almost spattin in our face. basically the old witch was a kill joy with her bunch of nagging and blah blah blah. though try as we might to pretend we couldnt understd her bunch of dialect and we could almost see the steam and smoke out of her flaring nostrils. The bridesmaids didnt wanna play anymore and just let the grooom thru. I dun understd, if the guys wanna play the crash the gate thingie, then why hide behind the old foggies and make it so difficult. I mean who wants to sttart swearing rite?

While waiting for the old witch to settle her mei po shit, the gals sat ard and bitch abt Shan the Tantrum Boy in Eyes for a Guy2. Everyone there absolutely hated that piece of shit and gearing for Bad Wolf! Yeah!

Ck asked me how come we were so mild and i asked him if he would have any mood to play on in our shoes. He agreed that it was pretty much a cold bucket of water with the old lady ard. If she wasnt that old, i prob would have told her to fk off and leave us to have fun on this happy day but being nice ms sweetie with an image to maintain in front of all the big wise old folks…. Plus the couple dun even care abt time! Then again, it aint my wedding to tell her off. So be it lor but it sure was the lowest price i ever had in history!!! felt like smacking the guys when they arrogantly gloat sooooo easy! bastard ;p

After all the mumbo jumbo, we move on to the groom’s place and then to pierce reservoirfor group pixs. Ck was sweet enuff to get us bridemaids drinks from the house and obviously that created major hell from the rest of the best man.

The weather didnt really hold and it started to drizzle. So we moved back earlier to their new love nest. The bridal car driver is completely clueless abt roads man!! Imagine 5 cars trailing behind like idiots and frustrated. At one point, Mag was like screaming "Come on woman! My petrol not cheap k!" all the gals burst out laughing and looked arrd for traces of the best men cars.

At some point, Mag asked me," is there a rule that says we cannot overtake the bridal car?" "I dun think so. The last time i sped offf ahead the bridal car as well. but i dun think the boys esp Mr BMW gonna be pleased. ha!"  Mag gave me an evil smile and step on the accelarator and overtook the cars. Next thing we knew, all the best men overtook the bridal cars as well and Mr BMW was next to us in a flash. ha! MAN! Things got more interesting coz the bridal car driver apparently sped up as well. It was hilarious.

We reach the house earlier than scheduled. the buffet was late and so we gals had to hide in the room with the bride while the rest of the old folks miggle loudly in the living room. It was good chance for us to catch up abt the last 12 years and silly things we did in school back then.

Ck barged into the gals talk and we started hounding him for grooms deeep dark secret that Pam shld know abt it. And just when i was getting thru to CK and Lewis, the groom walked in distributing the thank you red packets to seal their lips!! arrgghhh!!! Still, I was relentless with ck and pestered him till he finally concede with one secret. haa haa.

the couple left shortly to the bride’s home while the rest of us stayed behind and stuffed our face silly. it was catch up catch up time! Afterall it has been like 10 years since we last saw one another.
i dunno how i could have completely forgotten abt some part of those years or how we even lost touch! Guess the only good thing was that the years didnt leave a dent in our frendship and banter and that, is truly what real frenship is all about.

Anycase, the rest of the best man had a field day teasing abt Ck on his preferential treatment and so we happily played along with the fake "ex-couple" routine and had everyone laughing. What’s wedding without laughs?!

The wedding dinner ended uneventfully, well almost…Ha!
When we were in the lift heading for the second walked in, i stood opp the groom and then …..i realise that he forgotten to zip up his pants! haa haaa. i whispered into his ears and he blushed a deep red and everyone in the lift had a good laugh!! I guess its pretty hard to be subtle in a lift of 6 people. But heh, at least better the 6 of us than a ballrooom of over 500 people, esp when he was scheduled to be on stage to raise a toast! haa haaaaaaa
well, let’s hope groom aint gonna find this blog and skin me alive!

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