Thursday, May 19, 2005

Water feature is never a cool idea around drinkers...

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

thank goodness heaven was kind to me, the thunderstorm stopped in the nick of time for my drinking session! yahhhhhooooo:)

running late! tooo absorb in messaging abt "ugly" singaporeans on the road and sharing of "road experiences" of coz… its terrible our people…. too much too much bad experiences. gotto be another post..
anycase, its 6.45pm and as i was grabbing my brolly to leave, my boss turned ard and mumbled.. "leaving so early already". Now, i considered my options. Shld i stab him to death with the point of my brolly, or beat him to a pulp? Hmmm… neither seeemed worthwhile to hold me back from meeting the guys @7. He’ll so get it from me tmw. hheh.

reach town slightly late and AS usual, the guys were late again. Bill’s still stuck at work. Didnt have Oli’s number. Hmmpf. Decide to walk ard the mall aimlessly than sit by myself amongst the shirt & ties. Didnt feel very sociable today. Finally , 30mins later, SL called and seeked my royal presence. how nice. :) Rach didnt turn up. She’s prob still reeling sore from her last case of "Death of Hp in the pool of vomit".. chuckles. now THAT’s funny…Bill and I couldnt get over it. haa.

anycase, was good ole tame drinking session last nite. Def wasnt as "wild" as last one at wallas.

No shots, no bottoms up, no endless flow of beer, and def no peeking "cheeks" to snap. Bill thinks its utter waste that Vinc didnt keep the last pix of the gal wiith loose low waist jeans, flaunting the gully of her fair butt cheeks. Nah.. vince’s too much of a good boy…or rather his wife will ban him from hanging out with us ever again:)

Pouring and with premier of Star Wars, so there reallly wasnt much people to oogle or crowd with us. No Sweet crooming Joe either.. Alas. Poor me and Oli… still reminiscing abt Joe and his nice sweet apologetic smile. The Guys just dun get it..

Bill had to rem my "lost" wallet annd narrate the whole ridiculous espi to alex. then again, canx deny my hero his heroism deed for recovering "my precious" that was sittting on the floor that 6 other guys couldnt find…i still canx believe it. How could all of us miss my wallet on the floor??? To think i had to cancel alll the cards for nothing…Hmmm.. Bill swore he didnt play a trick on me but opinions differ.. haaa haa
Then Bill went on to share the management circular on "No G Strings allowed" by the pool as its an offence under the law of singappore. I gawked. Wait till they have my pissed drunk expat neighbors. So i told them abt how i saw them b0nking N*KED IN the POOL the other nite… imagine live p0-rno under my nose literally. perhaps…the 60yr old french grannie didnt like wat she saw outside her window that nite and prob alerted the guards… But of coz that fact didnt deter the guys from chancing on a replay.. Now, why doesnt that surprise me??!!! :) FAT CHANCE PEOPLE!!

then the imposssible happened! Billy boy stepped into the deco pool of water as he was gona go take a leak!!!! Stunned! We started laughing our heads off. Impecabble tiiming considering. Without saying, Bill was teased relentlessly abt how excited he must have been near any body of water. *Strip boy! Strip!* haa haa.
Poor champ had to walk with one soggy sock for the rest of the nite! Eeeeeeeewwweeee!
Sock roasting by the candle flame, anyone?! ;p

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