Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2nd round of reunion dinner

Had dinner at Peony Jade for 2nd round of reunion gathering with my ex work colleagues. The food was surprisingly good and service was pretty good too. Though most of us have to agreed that most dishes were abit too spicy for the kids. In between there was even a lion dance to add to the jolly though the accompanying "music" was too loud for alot of babies and kids there in an enclosed space.

CK's daughter Shermaine was adorable. Instead of being put off by the loud banging sound, she actually went forth and pat the lion head while the people underneath the gear was arranging the peeled oranges into word. I was grinning at her when she turned around and looked at us with innicent joy. After which, many adults actually followed suite and brought their babies to tap the lion head! Ha haa.

After the sumptuous dinner, we moved on to the "stage" and have our annual group picture. It's incredible to see this "family group" of ours is getting bigger every year! While the planning has always been a hassle and much stress for the organisor to try and fit everyone's schedule (poor anna this year!), I'm glad that most of us took the time and effort for the annual gathering for the 5th running year! It's probably gonna get harder with more and more kids joining in every year. Still, looking back, it's pretty worth while afterall!

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